Policies Regarding Officials

Game officials shall be agreed upon by both schools.

High school officials must be registered and approved by the IGHSAU.  In the event any of the officials are not present, the game may be played with one registered official by mutual agreement.  (EXCEPTION non varsity volleyball may use one registered official per court.  When only one official is used, that official must be registered and shall be the referee.)  Any competition involving junior high students must have at least one registered official.

The Executive Director shall be allowed to temporarily suspend officials, pending a hearing by the Board of Directors, who are guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct at athletic contests; or who fail to observe professional officiating ethics, or who fail to file requested reports with the general office.

A school may drop an official from a game after he/she has been engaged.  If a school decides that it is necessary to break its agreement with an official, it may be done by paying the official the regular fee for the game.  Cancelled and postponed games do not come under the above provision, provided the official is duly notified.  In the case of postponed games, the officials that were originally employed must be given the opportunity to work on the new date.

A school associated with breaking a contract with an official is relieved of responsibility for paying the normal fee to the official in the event the official contracts for a game on the same date with any other member school.