Playing Up a Class During the Tournament Series

The Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union allows a member school to request permission to participate in the next higher classification in any sport. Schools may petition management for permission, following the criteria outlined below.

  1. The petition must be for an uninterrupted two year period.
  2. The petition must be filed no later than 30 days prior to the first practice date.
  3. The petition must be signed by the Superintendent of Schools and Board of Education President.

Each petition will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The petition must address the following.

  1.  Purpose of the petition.
  2. Effect that grant of the petition will have on the applicant’s current class.
  3. Effect that grant of the petition will have on the applicant’s requested class.
  4. Analysis of regular season opponents and their current classification.
  5. Any other criteria relevant to the specific petition.

Management denial of any petition is subject to appeal before the Athletic Union Board of Directors.  Management acceptance of a petition will not result in any schools dropping down a class.  For example, if a 2A school’s petition to participate in the 3A softball tournament is accepted, class 3A would have 65 schools, and class 2A would have 95 schools.

Contact the State Office should additional question exist regarding the procedure for a school wishing to “opt up” to the next larger classification.