Name Title Direct Number
Jean Berger Executive Director 515-401-1832
Lisa Brinkmeyer Assistant Director  515-401-1835
Karon Brown Senior Associate Director 515-401-1831
Jackie Endsley Coordinator of Business Development 515-401-1840
Jason Eslinger Assistant Director 515-401-1836
Craig Ihnen Senior Associate Director 515-401-1834
John Overton Assistant Director 515-401-1841
Heidi Reed Program & Art Coordinator 515-401-1838
Gary Ross Associatie Director 515-401-1842
Therese Schimek Assistant /Speech Association  515-401-1833
Sherry Tegtmeier  Business Manager 515-401-1839
 Monte Wilson  Internal Operations Assistant   515-401-1837


Jean Berger — Executive Director:   jeanberger@ighsau.org

Karon Brown – Senior Associate Director: karon@ighsau.org

Craig Ihnen – Associate Director: craig@ighsau.org

Joyce Bridger – Receptionist: joyce@ighsau.org

Lisa Brinkmeyer – Assistant Director: lisa@ighsau.org

Jason Eslinger – Assistant Director: jasoneslinger@ighsau.org

Jackie Endsley – Coordinator of Business Development: jackie@ighsau.org

John Overton – Assistant Director: johnoverton@ighsau.org

Heidi Reed – Program & Art Coordinator: heidireed@ighsau.org

Gary Ross – Associate Director: gross@ighsau.org 

Sherry Tegtmeier – Comptroller/Officials’ Coordinator: sherry@ighsau.org

Monte Wilson – Communications Director: monte@ighsau.org



Cross Country – Gary Ross

Volleyball – Lisa Brinkmeyer

Swimming & Diving – Jason Eslinger

Basketball – Gary Ross

Bowling – Jason Eslinger

Track & Field –Gary Ross

Golf – Lisa Brinkmeyer

Tennis – Craig Ihnen

Soccer –Lisa Brinkmeyer

Softball – Jean Berger



Academic Certificates – Sherry Tegtmeier

Awards – Monte Wilson

Accounting – Sherry Tegtmeier

Board of Directors – Jean Berger

Cooperative Sharing Agreements – Gary Ross

Distribution of Publications – Monte Wilson

Eligibility – Jean Berger, Gary Ross

Foreign Exchange – Gary Ross

Hall of Fame – Jason Eslinger

IGHSAU Banquets – Karon Brown

Insurance – Karon Brown

Media Relations – Jason Eslinger

Officials Registration – Sherry Tegtmeier 

On a Roll Information – Sherry Tegtmeier

Online Forms – Jason Eslinger

Open Enrollment – Jean Berger, Gary Ross

Photographs – Heidi Reed

Printing – Monte Wilson

Publications – Heidi Reed

Records/Archives – Jason Eslinger

Representative Council – Jean Berger

Rule Book Distribution – Monte WIlson

Sanctions – Gary Ross

Sponsorships/Marketings: Jackie Endsley

State Tournament Venues: Monte Wilson

Technology – Jason Eslinger

Web Site – Jason Eslinger

Video/Films – Heidi Reed