Libero Tracking Instructions

Rule Book—page 58

  1. Enter Home and Visiting team on Tracking Sheet.
  2. Next to L—put the # of the Libero being used for that game.  If no libero is being used, no tracking will take place.
  3. Enter in the “SP” column the starting players for each team.  This should be an exact match of the lineup entry in the scorebook.
  4. When a libero enters the game as a replacement, cross off the number of the player the libero is replacing and put “L” on the line next to the number.
  5. The player the libero comes into the game for can only be the libero replacement.  Record the number of the player that must be the same number of the player as the number crossed out before the “L”.   (ie…23, L 23)
  6. When the libero is replaced (again,  by the same number), the L is crossed out and the number of the player is next entered on the line.
  7. The assistant scorer  (libero tracker) records all substitutions.  When a player (not a libero) is substituted out of the game,  her number is crossed off and the player’s number entering the game is written on the line.
  8. There are unlimited libero replacements but only 18 substitutions per game.
  9. Note—A different libero can be designated for each game, but the designation must be made on the lineup sheet when  it is submitted before each game.