Reporting Regular Season Volleyball Score

The IGHSAU will once again have a daily scorelist on the IGHSAU website, but the process will be automated.. Scores will be updated in “real time” on the IGHSAU website as soon as they are entered. Please follow these instructions:

When your match is completed: go the QuikStats website:

Log into the QuikStats system with your QuikStats username. Click on “volleyball” from the QuikStats sports.

Your schedule and roster page will show up – click on the link that says Enter Results/Stats next to the left of the each competition (Note: this link does not become live until the day of the competition).  At the top of the page, you will enter your score. Hit save and the score will automatically update on the IGHSAU daily scores web page. You could also update your statistics for the match at that time, but it is not necessary. You can come back to the page and enter statistics at a later date.

A couple of recommendations: for best results, it is recommended that the host school report the score. However, the visiting coach may also report the score if they notice the score has not been reported.

It is imperative that the entire match schedule is posted into the roster/schedule page before the start of the season. 

Teams will be responsible for reporting their own scores for Saturday Tournaments.

Please contact Jason Eslinger at if you have any problems or questions with the new reporting procedures.