2016 State Golf Information

2016 State Golf Tournament May 31 – June 1

Jester Park Golf Course, Granger (Classes 1A-2A)                   

Coldwater Links, Ames (Classes 3A-4A)

Lake Panorama National Golf Course (Class 5A)


NO outside food or beverage will be allowed at the State Tournament courses. 



Fax or email the State Qualifier entry form found on our website to the IGHSAU (515-284-1969 or Lisa@ighsau.org) by 12:00 p.m. on May 24th.  State qualifying teams and individuals must submit a photo with name and grade identification of each person pictured by midnight Tuesday, May 24th to Heidireed@ighsau.org. Photos must be in jpeg or tiff format…no cell phone pictures. **Please write your school, Class and sport in subject line of email when submitting pictures to the IGHSAU (ex: Smithville, 2A, Golf).



A 9:00 a.m. shotgun start will be used both days.   Tee assignments will be distributed at the coaches meeting each day.  The tournament is 36-hole stroke play.  Programs ($4) and State Golf merchandise will be on sale at each State site.



Players are grouped together (#1 with other #1s, #2 with other #2s, etc.) whenever possible. Day 2 tee assignments are based on Day 1 scores. Golfers will not be paired with another golfer from their school.



The team tournament is separate from the medalist tournament, although a player’s score in the State Tournament shall count toward both the team and medalist results.


Each team may play six (6) participants, with the low four (4) of six (6) 18-hole scores counting for the team total.   Player personnel may be changed from the Regional to the State Tournament and subsequently changed from Day 1 to Day 2 of the State Tournament.  You must let the IGHSAU State Office know of changes from Day 1 to Day 2 of the State Tournament as soon as possible. At no time shall a team have more than six golfers from their school/team participating at the same time during state competition.



Driving range fees for the two-day tournament will be $20 for qualifying teams and $10 for qualifying individuals. Driving range fees must be paid to the clubhouse prior to using the driving range on Tuesday. The driving range fees allow access to the range before and after competition on Tuesday and before competition on Wednesday.



All participants in the State Tournament shall wear a collared/mock collared shirt.  Violation of this rule may result in disqualification of the golfer(s) in violation.



A coaches meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday and 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday at the clubhouse at all courses. This will be followed immediately by a player/coach meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Coaches will be given packets containing their coaching badges, program, tee assignments, player scorecards and informational sheet. The coaches meetings are mandatory for all coaches as rules for competition and local rules will be explained.  Failure to attend this meeting may result in disqualification of that team’s members.  It is the responsibility of each coach to attend and in turn carry instructions to their own golf squad.


Tuesday’s packets can be picked up at the 8:00 a.m. coaches. Tee-off time both days is a 9:00 a.m. shotgun start. The tournament will not await arrival of coaches or players either day so plan accordingly especially with the abundance of road construction across the state.


Coaches will wear wristbands issued by the State Office.  This is to clarify who is permitted to give instruction to players on the course. Only coaches wearing the wristbands may communicate with players, which can occur from tee to green and from green to tee. No communication shall occur once the golfer and the golfer’s ball are on the green. Team qualifiers will receive two coaches’ wristbands, coaches of individual qualifiers will receive one wristband. Coach wristbands must be worn by the school certified coach and visible at all times.



PGA rules professionals will be serving as the rules committee.  Players must seek rulings from the rules officials, not coaches.



Use of cell phones, iPods or any other electronic device by participants during the competition shall result in disqualification.  Range finding devices are allowed for use by players and coaches during the State Tournament. Parents are not to provide distance information to golfers.



Carts will be provided for team coaches each day of the State Tournament.  Coaches of individual qualifiers will not be provided a golf cart, but can rent one for a reduced price.  Only coaches are allowed to ride in the carts. Spectators will be allowed to rent the remaining golf carts on a first come, first serve basis at each location. Spectator carts cannot be reserved prior to the State Tournament. If a spectator is in need of a cart due to a physical disability, they must contact Lisa Brinkmeyer PRIOR to the State Tournament for information on reserving a cart.



  1. Team Competition: The 5th team player scores of day (2) will be compared. If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 6th player of day (2). If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 5th player of day (1).  If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 6th player of day (1). If a tie still exists it will be broken by a sudden death playoff.  The coach will name four (4) players who will play in the playoff.  All four scores will count.  Starting holes will be determined prior to the meet.  If a team has only four golfers they will lose the tie-breaker since a fifth player’s score is not available.


  1. Medalist Competition: A tie for State Medalist shall be determined by sudden death playoff with the starting hole/s posted prior to play. For individual play, any ties beyond first place will be determined by a card back, starting with the number one handicap hole.



Team trophies will be awarded to all participating teams.  Medals will be given to the champion and runner-up team members and the top 10 individual finishers. Each state participant will receive a participation plaque, which will be given to their coach at the completion of the tournament. The Awards Ceremony will be held Tuesday after the scores are tallied.



  • Motorized carts and caddies are prohibited. Use of non-motorized pull or push carts are allowed throughout the entire season.  Requests for use of a motorized golf cart during postseason competition must be due to a disability, and will be evaluated by the IGHSAU on a case-by-case basis. Transitory illnesses and injuries (actual or expected duration of six months or less) do not qualify under the ADA as a disability and thus would not qualify for use of a motorized cart. Athletic directors must submit the request for golf cart use and documentation from the golfer’s physician stating the disability and the extent to which it prevents the golfer from walking during competition.  Upon receipt of the request, the IGHSAU will notify the school in writing of approval or declination
  • Coaching Tee to the Green – School-appointed, certified golf coaches (head/assistant) are allowed to coach their golfer up until the golfer and golfer’s ball are on the. Coaches may not assist or instruct a player regarding any putting on the green. If any part of the golfer’s ball is on the actual green, the ball is considered on the green. Once the golfer arrives at the green (no delay by the golfer) with her golf ball on the green, the coach can have no more communication with her until all golfers in the group have holed out.
  • Spectators must be off the fairway.
  • No practice putting is allowed on the course, including the putting green, after competition has begun.
  • Any rule violation on the course should be called by a player. The rule violation should be brought to the attention of the entire foursome before the alleged violator has COMPLETED THE HOLE ON WHICH THE VIOLATION OCCURRED AND LEFT THE GREEN.  After a rule violation has been declared, the Rules Committee shall be consulted immediately, or the player shall finish the hole with two balls: one played as if no rule violation occurred one played as if a rule violation did occur.  The Rules Committee shall then hear the violation as soon as possible.
  • If a player is guilty of unsporting conduct or demeanor, her coach and a rules committee member shall be notified.  If the player is guilty of a subsequent offense, the rules committee may disqualify the violator.
  • Alcohol or tobacco products are NOT permitted on the course or in student accessible areas of the associated facilities.
  • USGA Rules are followed unless published in the IGHSAU manual.
  • The ball will be played down during the tournament series, with the tournament manager retaining the right to invoke a local rule pick, place and clean if course conditions warrant.
  • Continuous putting shall be employed whenever possible.
  • Coaches may not leave the grounds during the competition. Any coach not present during the tournament will force disqualification of the entire team.



Outside food and beverages will not be allowed at the State Golf Tournament sites.  Teams and spectators are not allowed to bring food, coolers, beverages onto the course.  The clubhouse will have food prepared so golfers can “grab and go” if they would like to eat during their round. Golfers are allowed to move to the front of the food line to ensure pace of play is not affected.


The IGHSAU encourages players to make pre-meet preparations and have beverages or an empty bottle in their bag to refill if needed. The IGHSAU allows a coach or parent to hand beverages/food to their player/daughter on the course, with every effort being made for this to occur between green and tee or near the clubhouse. No golf instruction should occur between the golfers and parents at this time.



The IGHSAU pays green fees of State participants.



If either day’s round cannot be completed due to weather, the tournament will become an 18 hole, one-day tournament.  Weather delay procedure – Several hits on the horn, immediately mark your ball, do not hit another shot and go directly to the clubhouse or mid-course shelter.  Summer Rules will be used unless the course conditions warrant otherwise.



Scorekeepers will NOT be used at the State Tournament.



Practice is permitted anytime at the state tournament courses. Schools must get permission to miss school to practice at state tournament sites from their local administration. Arrangements must be made with the course concerning time and regulations governing play.


Jester Park Golf Course in Granger (Class 1A/2A)                    515-999-2903

Practice Round Rates: $15.00 walk.  Optional $15/person for cart

These rates are available all day, every day with the exception of Memorial Day weekend.  The above Junior rate will only be available for tee times after 2:00 p.m. on Memorial Day weekend.


Coldwater Golf Links in Ames (Class 3A/4A)                            515-233-4664

Practice Round Rates: $20.00 walk. Optional $15/person for cart

The above junior rates are available weekdays and after 12:00 p.m. on the weekends and during Memorial Day weekend.


Lake Panorama National Golf Course (Class 5A)                       641-755-2024

Practice Round Rates: $15.00 walk. Optional $16/person for cart

These rates are available all day, every day with the exception of Memorial Day weekend.  The above Junior rate will only be available for tee times after 12:00 p.m. on Memorial Day weekend.


Congratulations on qualifying to the State Golf Tournament!


Lisa Brinkmeyer

Assistant Director

IGHSAU Golf Administrator