Important Regional Volleyball Infomation

Regional Tournament Manager Responsibilities

Tournament managers will NOT be sent regional host packets this year (except for Regional Final hosts). Pertinent tournament manager host information is on the IGHSAU website and can also be accessed through the links in this memo. Tournament managers should immediately review the Volleyball Manual located in the Sports Manuals section under the Administrators tab on the IGHSAU website or by clicking here.

Tournament managers are required to contact schools assigned to their site prior to the match for program information and match details. Host sites must use the Spalding TF-VB5, official IGHSAU volleyball, for all Regional matches.

The IGHSAU will assign the R1 and R2 for all Regional matches and will ONLY assign line judges for the semi-final and final matches.  Tournament managers are responsible for securing line judges for rounds prior to the semi-finals.  Tournament managers must report the final score immediately into Tourney Machine, rather than calling the scores into the IGHSAU. Specific instructions for reporting the scores can be viewed here.

Regional FINAL Tournament Manager Packets

Regional Final site packets will be sent to all sites via UPS on Wednesday, October 26th.  The Regional Final packets include: State Tournament Qualifier information, medals, banner, Sportsmanship Award information, host checklist and Tourney Machine score reporting instructions.


Coaches must keep statistics updated during Regional play. Stats should be updated in QuikStats by noon the following day during Regional play.

State Tournament Qualifier Packets

Each State Tournament qualifying coach/AD will receive a packet of information from the Regional Final tournament manager immediately following the Regional Final match. It is imperative that coaches and athletic directors look through the packet at their earliest convenience. The packets contain important and time-sensitive information for State Qualifying teams and fans.

2016 State Tournament Schedule

Click here to view the 2016 State Tournament schedule.


Best of luck with the remainder of your regular season!


Lisa Brinkmeyer

Assistant Director/Volleyball Administrator