Spectator Information For 2016 State Swimming and Diving Meet

Welcome to the Iowa Girls State Swimming and Diving. We hope your experience at the state meet will be a good one. Below is some information that we hope you take the time to read.

Directions to the Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA:  Driving directions to the Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA can be viewed by clicking the Google Map page. Simply enter your starting point on Google Maps to get turn by turn directions to the State Meet site.

Spectator Admission to the State Meet is $10.00 per person per session for students and adults. Wrist bands will be issued instead of tickets. Spectators MUST be wearing the wristband to gain entry into the natatorium. The wristband will allow entrance in and out of the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA. Anyone who leaves the building without a wristband will not be allowed back into the building unless another wristband is purchased. A reminder to spectators that smoking is prohibited anywhere on the Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA grounds. All contestants, managers and coaches must enter and exit the facility through the pass gate.

The general public will be admitted into the facility through the northwest pool doors at 4:00 p.m. (Friday) and 11:00 a.m. (Saturday). Spectators will be allowed entrance into the Marshalltown  YMCA-YWCA’s gymnasium on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Fans should enter through the gymnasium entrance of the YMCA-YWCA (located just south of the main entrance). NEW FOR 2016. Once the doors are open at 9:00, ticket takers will be in place to sell tickets to spectators before they take their seats in the gym. In order for the sale of wristbands to proceed in an orderly fashion, spectators will have to purchase their ticket while in line. Spectators are expected to be respectful and behave responsibly while waiting for the facility to open. Wristband sales at the gymnasium will close at 10:30 a.m. Anyone wishing to purchase wristbands after that time will need to buy their wristbands at the natatorium entrance on the north side of the Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA.

Spectators traveling in RV’s/Campers: The Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA will not allow camper/RV’s in the YMCA/YWCA lots until NOON, Friday, November 4.  Spectators traveling in RV’s/Campers are expected to park them in the YMCA/YWCA East Parking lot. NO GRILLS OR FIRES IN THE PARKING LOT.

Seating for the State Swimming and Diving is general admission with no reserved seating. REMINDER: THE SAVING OF SEATS IS PROHIBITED. SPECTATORS CAUGHT SAVING SEATS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE STATE MEET.

MERCHANDISE: Image Sport will be selling Official 2016 State Swimming merchandise throughout the meet. Programs will also be on sale for $5.00.

STREAMING: Both the diving and swimming competitions will be live streamed. A link to the streaming site will be posted on the IGHSAU website. Please note, the Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA is providing this free service via the UStream website. In order to keep the site free to the public, the UStream site has advertisements on the stream. The IGHSAU and the Marshalltown YMCA/YWCA have no control nor endorse any of the content that might be aired during the web stream.

FILMING: There is no special place designated for teams or fans to videotape from.  Paying spectators are not restricted from videotaping as long as the video equipment is hand-held.