2017 Soccer Rules Adaptations

2017 Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union

Soccer Playing Rules Adaptations


Yellow Card: A player receiving a yellow card is required to leave the match for a period of 5 consecutive minutes. The penalty will carry over from the first half to the second half and from the second half to the first overtime. The penalty would also carry over from the first overtime to the second overtime period. A player receiving a caution during the second overtime will be ineligible to compete for the remainder of that match (including the shoot-out session). The match officials and the coaches will share the responsibility for monitoring the five-minute penalty. Players removed for a yellow card violation may not come to the touch line for substitution until the five minutes has expired. A coach sending an ineligible player to the touch line for substitution will receive a caution (yellow card). The player may not enter the match until the next substitution opportunity for her team.

Number of Officials: Three officials will be assigned to all IGHSAU regional & state tournament matches. At least two officials must be used for a varsity match during the season and at least one official must be used for a non-varsity match during the season. All high school officials must be properly licensed with the IGHSAU.

Scoreboard: A scoreboard, when available, shall be used as the official timing device for the entire match. Availability is determined by the host administration. If no scoreboard is available, the referee shall serve as the official timekeeper.

Victory Margin: The match shall be declared completed when one team has a lead of 10 goals at halftime or later in the match. This margin of victory rule does not apply prior to completion of the first half of play.

Team Benches: Team benches shall be on the same side of the playing field during IGHSAU-sponsored tournament matches. Bench assignment during the regular season is local prerogative. Coach and substitution areas need to be clearly marked.

Ejections: When a player or coach is ejected from a competition, the State Office must be notified the following day. Any ejected coach must leave from an area within sight and sound of the officials. Failure to do so results in forfeiture. Any ejected player may remain on the team bench under direct supervision of the coach. The official issuing the ejection as well as the ejected coach or player must file an ejection report with the State Office.

Overtime: A regulation tied varsity match will have overtime. The overtime consists of two, 10-minute sudden-victory periods. Ties are not an option at the varsity level. There are no overtimes in non-varsity contests. The procedures outlined in the National Federation rulebook shall be followed.

Officials:   Officials are advised to sign the scorebooks of both varsity teams prior to the match. This helps coaches in the recommendation process at the end of the season.

Red Card: Any player receiving a red card is ejected and no substitution (replacement) is allowed.