2017 Pre-season Soccer Memo


2016-17 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes

4-2-9 (New) A soft-padded headband is permitted.

11-1-4 A player is offside and penalized if, at the time the ball touches or is played by a teammate, the player is involved in active play and interferes with play or with an opponent or seeks to gain an advantage by being in that position. A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent, who deliberately plays the ball (except from a deliberate save), is not considered to have gained an advantage.

14-1-4: Once the kicker starts his/her approach toward the ball, he/she may not interrupt his/her movement. Failure to kick the ball as specified shall be considered a violation by the attacking team, and the appropriate penalties shall apply.

18-1-1 (New o): Gaining an Advantage by Being in that Position – A player who plays a ball that rebounds to him/her off a goal post or the crossbar after having been in an offside position, or a player who after being in an offside position plays a ball that rebounds to him/her of an opponent, who has not deliberately played the ball or made a deliberate save.

18-1-1 (new u): Interfering With An Opponent: Preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or movement of challenging an opponent for the ball.

18-1-1 (new v): Playing or touching the ball passed or touched by a teammate.

Classification:  The largest 40 schools will be in Class 3A; the next largest 48 are in Class 2A and the remainder of schools will be in Class 1A. To view the latest classifications, click here.

Regional Dates: 3A – May 27, May 31, June 5; 2A – May 25, May 30, June 5; 1A – May 30, June 3, June 5.

A Reminder on Clubs Teams:   When a student is playing on a non-school team, she is not permitted to practice, train or participate in a contest with a college squad.  This is particularly relevant to soccer, but can apply to any sport.  Many elite-level club soccer teams play college teams.  It is illegal to play in a match against a college team.  Violating this rule could compromise your players’ high school eligibility in the sport. For coaches with players involved with club teams, please remember this and share this information with your players and their parents.

Site Administrators: It is very important for site administrators to be present the during regular season and postseason soccer matches. As it has been stated many times, sportsmanship with coaches and players has been terrific, but, the behavior of spectators continues to be a problem. Many times, there have been spectator issues at soccer matches and officials are unable to find the site administrator to help deal with the problem. Administrators, please be visible for officials during matches. Communicate with them prior to each match and let them know where to find you if a problem occurs during a contest. Proper communication between officials and site administrators can help keep problems from escalating.

Yellow Card Reminder: Any player who receives a caution must leave the game for five consecutive minutes. Please note that is a change as the previous Iowa adaptation required a player to sit out 10 minutes.  The five minutes will carry over from half to half and from the end of the game to the first overtime and from the end of the first overtime until the start of the second overtime.   If a player receives a yellow card in the second overtime with more than five minutes remaining, the player is eligible to return after five minutes. A caution occurring with less than five minutes remaining in the second overtime will result in no further play by the cautioned player.

Sub-Varsity Uniforms: We fully understand that varsity uniforms are often passed down to sub-varsity teams. The uniform rule of home teams wearing all-white jerseys will NOT be enforced in sub-varsity matches. However, it is expected that the home team should try to wear uniforms that are light in color.

Online Rules Meeting Ends March 30th: The last day to view the online rules meeting is Midnight, March 30th. Varsity head coaches and officials are required to view the meeting. If you have not met this requirement, please get this done before the March 30th deadline. Head coaches who fail to watch the meeting by the March 30th deadline will be prohibited from coaching in the postseason.

Officials:  Please sign the scorebooks of both varsity teams prior to the match. This helps coaches in the recommendation process at the end of the season. You will not receive recommendations if coaches do not know who worked their matches!

Overtime Procedures: REMEMBERTHERE ARE NO TIES IN GIRLS SOCCER. If the score is tied after regulation, two 10-minute sudden victory overtimes will be played. If someone scores a goal at any time in the two overtime periods, the match has ended. If the match remains tied after the two overtime periods, the match will go to penalty kicks. The penalty kick procedure is outlined in items 3, 4 & 5 in the NFHS Soccer Rule Book (pages 86-87).

Suspension of Play: A reminder that a match becomes official once a half has been played (Rule 7.1.3, page 36). In the event a game is suspended due to weather, play will be restarted from the suspension of play.

Goal Differential: A reminder that there is a goal differential rule in girls’ soccer. The match shall be declared completed when one team has a lead of 10 goals at halftime or later in the match. This margin of victory rule does not apply prior to completion of the first half of play.

Site Availabilities: If you would like to have your soccer field considered as a host for regional tournament, please have your AD fill out the site availability form as soon as possible.

Prospectus Online: Coaches are encouraged to download and fill out the 2017 prospectus that can be found on the soccer page of the IGHSAU website (click here to download). This information is very useful in preparing preseason rankings, which are scheduled for release on the week of April 3

QuikStats: Coaches are required to submit statistics into the QuikStats website. The reporting dates for 2017 are: Tuesday, April 18; Tuesday, May 2, and Tuesday, May 16.  You will notice when you log-in that last year’s rosters have been updated to reflect the change of year. Double check your roster for accuracy. Please put in your entire schedule and roster before the start of the season (this must be completed before the first reporting date).

Saturday Tournaments & QuikStats: In putting in your schedule, you obviously won’t know the opponents you will face on your Saturday tournaments. To begin the season, please list the date and location of the tournaments that are on your schedule. You can add the opponents you face when you input your statistics. Do not worry about your schedule being chronologically out of order as the system automatically sorts the schedules by date when you hit the save button.   Instructions for using QuikStats are available by clicking here.  A tutorial on the proper way to keep soccer statistics is also available on the IGHSAU website. Click here to download the PDF file.

Reporting Scores: The IGHSAU will once again have a daily score list on the IGHSAU website, but the process will be automated. Scores will be updated in “real time” on the IGHSAU website as soon as they are entered. Please follow these instructions:

When your match is completed: go the QuikStats website: http://www.quikstatsiowa.com

Log into the QuikStats system with your QuikStats username. Click on “soccer” from the QuikStats sports.

Your schedule and roster page will show up – click on the link that says Enter Results/Stats next to the left of each competition (Note: this link does not become live until the day of the competition).  At the top of the page, you will enter your score. Hit save and the score will automatically update on the IGHSAU daily scores web page. You could also update your statistics for the match at that time, but it is not necessary. You can come back to the page and enter statistics later.

A couple of recommendations: for best results, it is recommended that the host school report the score. However, the visiting coach may also report the score if they notice the score has not been reported.

It is imperative that the entire season schedule is posted into the roster/schedule page before the start of the season.  If your match has been postponed and rescheduled due to weather, please go to your schedule page on QuikStats, change the date and hit “save”. The program will automatically resort the schedule by date.  Teams will be responsible for reporting their own scores at regular season tournaments.

Please contact Jason Eslinger at jasoneslinger@ighsau.org if you have any problems or questions with the reporting procedures.

Ejection Clarifications: A reminder about ejections. All ejections must be reported to Jason Eslinger at the IGHSAU. School administration and match officials need to contact the IGHSAU the following business day. The administration must meet with the offender and file a form with the State Office. The offender must also file a written summary of the events which led up to the ejection with the State Office. The normal penalty for a first offense is a one DATE suspension. However, a lesser or more severe penalty may apply upon review of the incident.

Please note the one date notation. For example: if a player is ejected in a Tuesday match and the school’s next scheduled DATE is a Saturday tournament, the ejected player will miss the entire Saturday tournament. If a player is ejected in the first match of a Saturday tournament, the offender can play in the remaining matches of the Saturday tournament, but will miss the next scheduled date on the schedule.

Good luck to everyone this spring. Please feel free to contact me at any point of the season with any questions you may have.

Jason Eslinger

Assistant Director/Soccer Administrator