Golf Memo #1 – 4/4/17

Online Coaches’ Rules Meeting

All head varsity coaches are required to view the online coaches’ rules meeting by April 7th or prior to their first competition if it falls prior to April 7th. The rules meeting link can be found on the IGHSAU website in the Coaches’ Golf section. Any coach not in compliance with viewing the meeting is subject to sanctioning. The IGHSAU encourages coaches to view this with all assistant coaches and teams. Click here to view the Rules Meeting.

USGA Rules of Golf Books

The IHSAA and IGHSAU have partnered to distribute USGA Rules Books to schools this year. Each team was sent one USGA Rules Books in mid-March. If you would like additional USGA Rules Books, they can be ordered from the USGA website and are free of charge.

Golf Rules Quiz and Answers

The Iowa Golf Association created a golf rules quiz to be given to your golfers as a teaching tool.  The quiz is available on the IGHSAU website in the Golf section under the Coaches tab.  Please take time to discuss the quiz and answers with your team.  Click here for the quiz and answers.

State Tournament Information

State Meet: Tuesday, May 30 – Wednesday, May 31

Class 1A – American Legion Golf Course, Marshalltown

Class 2A – Jester Park Golf Course, Granger

Class 3A – Lake Panorama National, Panora

Class 4A – Elmwood Country Club, Marshalltown

Class 5A – Coldwater Links, Ames

The tournament will be a 9:00 a.m. shotgun start both days of the tournament.

State Co-ed Meet Tuesday, June 6

The tournament will be a 9:00 a.m. shotgun start.
1A (Schools with BEDS number 349 & lower): American Legion Golf Course, Marshalltown
2A (Schools with BEDS number 350 & higher): Coldwater Golf Links, Ames

The golf format is alternate shot. There is a limit of two co-ed teams per school. Registration will be capped at 68 twosomes per class.  Schools must register and submit the names of the team(s) for the Co-ed Tournament by May 31st. The registration form is located on the IGHSAU website in the Coaches’ Golf section or you can select the link below.

2017 State Co-ed Golf Tournament Registration

Regional Host Site Availability

If you would like your course considered for a Regional Tournament site, please have your athletic director fill out the site availability form on our website ( in the online personnel entry forms by April 10th.


Varsity coaches are required to submit their varsity roster, schedule and individual meet results through The mandatory reporting dates are: April 10th, April 24th, May 8th and May 22nd. Failure to submit the required information by the mandatory dates may result in the suspension of the coach. Coaches are expected to update their Quikstats throughout the Regional Tournament series.

Rainout Policy

If the meet cannot be completed due to weather, it can be postponed or replaced with another meet. For a postponed meet, golfers can resume the round from their location when it was called or all golfers can start their round over. This is something that should be agreed upon by the participating teams prior to the start of the make-up meet.

Every effort must be made to reschedule the rained out meet.  If a date cannot be found to reschedule the meet, then your school may find another meet to enter to fulfill your 12th date, as your rained out meet becomes void. Make sure you delete the cancelled date from your schedule on QuikStats.  If you replace the cancelled meet, make sure you enter that meet in your QuikStats schedule.

Coaching to the Green

School contracted, licensed golf coaches are allowed to coach their golfer up until the golfer and golfer’s ball are on the green during regular and post-season competition. The coach is not to assist or instruct a player regarding any putting on the greenIf any part of the golfer’s ball is on the actual green, the ball is considered on the green. Once the golfer arrives at the green (no delay by the golfer) the coach can have no more communication with their golfer until all golfers in the group have holed out. When providing advice, the coach must NOT enter a bunker.

The IGHSAU allows multiple coaches to coach their team during the regular season and allows two coaches per team during the Regional and State Tournament to coach their players on the course. There is to be no delaying of play anywhere anytime when providing instruction during the prescribed coaching time frame.  Coaches on the course should not make rulings unless they are part of the Rules Committee.

Range Finding Devices

Range finding devices are permitted during the regular season and throughout the IGHSAU tournament series.  A player may obtain distance information ONLY from the range finding device they are using. Cell phones (including distance apps) are not permitted during competition.  Devices designed to measure conditions other than distance are permitted, PROVIDED the golfer only uses the device for distance measurement and not for the following banned functions, which include but are not limited to, wind speed, slope or club selection.

Penalty – The first time the golfer uses a banned function on the range finder (any function besides distance), she will be assessed a two-stroke penalty.  Any subsequent use during that round will result in disqualification.

Players and school-appointed, certified coaches (coaches that are permitted to coach tee to green) are encouraged to share distance information upon request.  A player with a range finder may shoot distance from their position on the course and relay that information upon request to another player, PROVIDED the process does not delay play.  Spectators are not allowed to provide or assist golfers with distance information.

Competition Attire

Participants in regular and postseason competition shall wear a collared/mock-collared shirt. Shirts do not need to match.


The IGHSAU suggests meet managers and coaches establish protocol for monitoring scores and scorekeeping during regular season meets.  Some conferences have established policies where coaches at anytime between green and tee can look at the scorecards of a group to check for accuracy. This will also create opportunities for golfers to communicate with their coaches during the round and will hopefully discourage any dishonesty.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at or 515-401-1835. Good luck with your season!

Lisa Brinkmeyer

Assistant Director/Golf Administrator