2017 Volleyball Season Information

Concussion Management Course: All junior high and high school coaches (paid and volunteer) are required to view the 20-minute NFHS online course titled, “Concussion in Sports: What You Need to Know” before the first official day of practice in the first sport they coach.  The “Concussion in Sports” course link can be found under the Coaches tab at the top of the IGHSAU website.

Coaches Online Rules Meeting: The Coaches Rules Meeting is available on the IGHSAU website and must be completed by September 1st or prior to their first competition.  ALL head varsity coaches must view the Rules Meeting by the deadline or first competition date if prior to September 1st.  The online registration process must be completed prior to viewing the Rules Meeting. Failure to view the Rules Meeting by the deadline may result in that head coach not being allowed to coach their team during the 2017 post-season tournament series.


Practice and Playing Dates:

First Practice Date: August 7
First Competition Date: August 21


Practices: The IGHSAU does not have a policy that prohibits two-a-day practices.  Practice times and lengths are to be determined at the local level.

Regional Tournament Dates:
Classes 1A-2A: October 17, 23, 26, 31
Classes 3A-4A-5A: October 18, 24, 30


Regional Advancement: The regional champion in each of the eight regions per class advances to the State Tournament. Medals and a banner are awarded to each State Qualifying team immediately following their Regional Final match.


State Tournament:

November 7-10, 2017
US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, IA


Playing Dates: Volleyball players are allowed to play fourteen dates per level of competition.  For example, a freshman is permitted to play fourteen 9th grade dates as well as fourteen JV dates.  Likewise, a JV player is permitted to play fourteen JV dates as well as fourteen varsity dates.  This rule is not in place to allow top-level varsity players the opportunity to play fourteen varsity dates as well as fourteen JV dates.  The rule is in place to help teams with limited rosters field sub-varsity teams in hopes of creating more sub-varsity participation opportunities. Each school is allowed three scrimmages that may be played from the first day of legal practice through the last day of the State Tournament. A maximum of six matches per team per day for all levels is allowed. Jamborees are not permitted.


Junior High: Junior high schools are allowed nine dates. Junior high teams may begin practice Monday of week 8 (8/21). Junior high tournaments are permitted, however jamborees are not. A maximum of six matches per team per day for all levels is allowed.


Seventh and 8th graders are permitted to practice with high school teams starting August 21st. Junior high students are not permitted to compete with or against high school students in intersquad scrimmages or competitions against other schools.


Site Availability: To be considered for hosting regional tournament matches, athletic directors need to apply via the Online Personnel Entry Forms on the IGHSAU website.  All schools are eligible to apply to host.  Please have your availability submitted by September 8th.


QuikStats: It is required to submit varsity volleyball stats on QuikStats.  Varsity volleyball coaches must use the online QuikStats Iowa website (www.quikstatsiowa.com) to file volleyball statistics. QuikStats will be checked every Tuesday during the regular season. Complete statistical information must be included in every check and all matches played through Saturday of the previous week must be included in each week’s update. In addition to having updated statistics, rosters (including height, number, year in school, etc.) must be included. Complete season schedules must be updated by the first reporting date of each season.

QuikStats must be updated by noon the following day of every regional tournament contest throughout the regional tournament series.

Failure to comply to the QuikStats reporting guidelines will result in the following sanctions:

First Offense – Warning email sent to coach and activities director.  Coach has until 4:30 p.m. two days after reporting date to comply. If statistics are not updated by 4:30 p.m. two days after the reporting date, coach will be suspended for the next scheduled varsity playing date. Coach will also be suspended additional dates for each day that statistics are not completed.

Second Offense – Suspension email sent to coach, athletic director, principal, and superintendent. Coach is suspended for two varsity playing dates. Coach will be suspended an additional varsity playing date for each additional day that statistics are not complete.

Third Offense – Suspension email sent to coach, athletic director, principal, and superintendent. Coach is suspended from coaching in the regional/state tournament. In addition, coach is suspended from coaching any remaining regular season games until statistics reporting is complete.

Boys Practicing: Subject to local school district approval, boys may participate in girls’ practices in all sanctioned sports.  Each school district can establish their own procedure and protocol of whether to allow or not allow boys to practice against girls’ teams.  Boys may only be utilized in a practice setting and are never allowed to compete or scrimmage against any opposing team or player.


Medical Exemption:  Players that need the following medical devices are not required to obtain a letter of permission from the IGHSAU prior to competing (artificial limb, hearing aid/transmitter, heart monitor, insulin pump and soft-concussion headgear.). It is the responsibility of the coach to inform game officials and opposing coaches of the student’s medical device prior to the start of the contest.


Varsity Scoring: Varsity dual scoring will be five sets played to 25, except for the deciding sets to be played to 15.  During triangulars and quadrangulars, 2 out of 3 sets played to 25 or 3 out of 5 sets to 25 will be acceptable.  Regular season tournament pool play is 2 of 3 sets to 21 with the deciding set to 15.   Semi-final and final round matches may be 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 to 21 or 25 points with the deciding set to 15 points.  Round robin tournaments are pool play only.


Varsity Pre-Match Warm-up: The first five minutes will be spent with both teams on the court for ball handling.  The next six minutes the visiting team has the court for hitting and serving.  The following six minutes the home team has the court for hitting and serving.  Please note there will be no mutual serving time.  The 5-6-6 warm-up does not apply to Saturday tournaments.


Official Recommendations: Varsity coaches are required to submit the names of up to twelve officials to recommend for tournament assignment. This must be submitted electronically by December 10th (30 days after the state volleyball tournament). Information regarding the online recommendation process will be given to your athletic director and is outlined in the online rules meeting.


National Anthem Etiquette: Players are expected to stand in a quiet and attentive manner until the anthem is FULLY completed.  Talking, laughing and the swinging of arms during the anthem is unacceptable behavior.  Coaches, please discuss the expectations with your players to assure they are representing your school and the IGHSAU in a positive manner during the regular and post-season matches.


Iowa Volleyball Rule Adaptations:

National Federation rules apply to all levels of interscholastic volleyball competition with the following exceptions:

  1. All varsity dual matches played in Iowa shall be 3 of 5 to 25 points with the deciding set to 15 points.
  2. In varsity double-dual (triangular) matches, you may play the best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 to 25 points with any deciding set played to 15 points.
  3. In a regular season tournament (3 or more matches in one day), all pool matches shall be 2 of 3 to 21 points with any deciding set to 15 points.  Semi-final and final round matches may be 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 to 21 or 25 points with the deciding set to 15 points. (Round robin tournaments are pool play only.)
  4. In sub-varsity competition:  Rally scoring must be used but point requirements and time limits shall be determined prior to the start of each match.  No scoring cap may be used.  Two timeouts are allowed each set.  The winning team must win by two points.  The let serve shall be used. Sub-varsity teams should switch benches after each set.


The Spalding TF-VB5 ball shall be used during all regional and state tournament play, which is to be provided by the host site.  The home team shall provide any NFHS approved ball during regular season matches.


Regular Season Varsity Warm-Up Protocol:  All pre-match warm-up shall consist of a 5-6-6 format.  Both teams shall have five minutes together on their half of the court for ball handling, passing, etc.  Then the visiting team is allowed six minutes of court time to hit, pass, receive, serve, etc.  Then the home team is similarly allowed six minutes of court time to do the same.  There shall be no mutual serving time. Serving shall be done within each team’s allotted six minutes. Warm-up protocol for weekend tournaments is at the discretion of the tournament manager.


Weekend Tournament Pre-Match Conferences:  It is allowable for the head coach to attend only his/her first (and his/her opponent’s first) pre-match conference if this protocol is predetermined by the tournament manager and made known to all coaches prior to the tournament.  After the head coach has attended his/her first pre-match conference, they may be excused from the rest of the pre-match conferences for that tournament (captains and/or assistant coaches must be present at all pre-match meetings).


Sub-Varsity Uniforms: At the sub-varsity and junior high levels of competition, allowances shall be made for teams wearing uniforms that do not conform exactly to all uniform requirements.  Many schools are using hand-me-down uniforms or practice jerseys in an effort to allow all players an opportunity to participate.  Latitude shall be given to those teams whose uniforms are the same basic color but have some variations in style, design, trim, numbers, etc.


2017 State Volleyball Tournament Schedule

Tuesday, November 7

12:00pm            5A Quarterfinals

2:00pm             5A Quarterfinals

4:00pm             4A Quarterfinals

6:00pm             4A Quarterfinals


Wednesday, November 8

10:00am            3A Quarterfinals

12:00pm            3A Quarterfinals

2:00pm             2A Quarterfinals

4:00pm             2A Quarterfinals

6:00pm             1A Quarterfinals

8:00pm             1A Quarterfinals


Thursday, November 9

10:00am            5A Semifinals

12:00pm            4A Semifinals

2:00pm             3A Semifinals

4:00pm             2A Semifinals

6:00pm             1A Semifinals


Friday, November 10

10:00am            5A Championship

12:15pm            4A Championship

2:30pm             3A Championship

4:45pm             2A Championship

7:00pm             1A Championship


State Tournament Awards: Teams will receive a trophy and participation plaques immediately following the match in which they are eliminated. The championship and runner-up trophies will be presented at the conclusion of the final match in each class on Friday.  The All-Tournament Team will be presented at that time for each class as well.

Each team will also be given 17 autograph volleyballs, which will be delivered to each school by an area Farm Bureau representative. Additional medals, plaques and autograph volleyballs may be purchased by contacting the IGHSAU.


Volleyball questions can be directed to Lisa Brinkmeyer, IGHSAU volleyball administrator at 515-401-1835 or lisa@ighsau.org.