Second Basketball Memo – 12/01/17

Second Basketball Memo – 12/01/17

Chuck Brittain, Coordinator of Basketball Officials for the IGHSAU, and Lewie Curtis, Director of Officials for the IHSAA, sent out some information to the officials recently.  Please note what has been communicated to the officials.  Coaches and Athletic Directors, this information is to help you recognize some priorities of the IHSAA, IGHSAU, and the officials.

  1. Coaching Box

Page 64 and Rule 10 Section 6 clearly states what the head coach’s freedoms and restrictions are regarding the coaching box. Please see that this rule is enforced consistently.  Athletic Directors, you must mark the coaching box if it is not already painted on your floor.  As a reminder the coaching box is 28’ from the baseline toward the center line.  Coaches, if you are seated outside this box, you may not stand.  Be sure to have the head coach sit within this coaching box.  Also, it would make sense that your players are seated within the coaching box as well.  Otherwise, coaches cannot move to speak to them if they are outside the box.

  1. Time-outs

We have had issues with teams being ready to play after timeouts.  Remember, after the 1st horn, teams should be breaking their huddle and heading to where play will be resumed. If team(s) are delaying too long in your opinion, then go ahead blow your whistle and put the ball on the floor and start your count. DON’T LET TEAMS DELAY and please know that it is not a requirement to continue to warn teams.

  1. Jewelry

Don’t let players enter the court with jewelry.  If it is discovered later be sure to have it removed. You do not need to assess any penalty, but if it needs attention/assistance then remove the player until it can be resolved.

Continue to officiate contact on the shooters and ball handler’s and remember don’t let the cutters get bumped off their routes. Remember freedom of movement—and “who” is initiating contact—thereby gaining an advantage.

Observers have shared some of the following concerns and suggestions:

  1. When reporting fouls get to the reporting area—stop–and give good solid signals. Take your time, but hustle. We see a lot of walking and when you look lazy the game gets lazy.
  2. Officials need to get that arm up that stops the clock on violations and fouls–high and straight up. We are seeing many not even raise an arm. We don’t have automatic devices to stop the clock so those timers need to be able to see you and your actions when on the court. Take pride in your signals and mechanics. Please be deliberate in your mechanics.
  3. Never bounce the ball across the lane to the designated thrower-in. This is apparently a college mechanic, but it is not approved with our game at the high school level.
  4. Lead officials be sure you are moving to get the best look. Don’t get stuck just working one side.
  5. Trail and Center officials hang in there on rebounding. The game needs you on every rebound. Your partners will appreciate it.

Additional Items

  1. A reminder to head varsity girls’ basketball coaches – Quikstats must be updated by noon on Tuesdays of each week.
  2. Be sure to enter the scores of the varsity games into Quikstats immediately following the conclusion of the basketball games.


Gary Ross, Associate Director, IGHSAU                           Brett Nanninga , Associate Director, IHSAA

Chuck Brittain, Coordinator of Officials , IGHSAU        Lewie Curtis, Director of Officials, IHSAA