January 16 Basketball Memo

The winter is flying by and great basketball is taking place.  Thanks to all of you for the tremendous job that the coaches and administration are doing.  Never underestimate the impact that you have upon our girls and boys in our programs.  Thanks to you!!

The following is memo information that has been emailed to the basketball officials.  We think it is important for the AD’s and coaches to see what information is being shared with our officials.

The IGHSAU, IHSAA, Supervisors and all of our observers have been out in force over the last couple of weeks and the following is a summary of what we have observed and we wanted to share with you.

  • We have noticed some definite improvement in our officiating of traveling and the accuracy. NOW more than ever we must continue to work hard on knowing that pivot foot and working feet up. Great article on this in the new Referee magazine.
  • We are hearing that the officials are doing a good job keeping hands off dribblers and not allowing hand checking. GREAT JOB but be sure to stay at it. We are still seeing more than we like.
  • The lead official is doing a pretty good job of getting to the side of the floor and it seems we are getting more switches. Be sure not to be too quick on the flex so as not to force your C to switch too soon.
  • We are also hearing that the officials are doing a good job protecting the jump shooters. That is great to hear and keep it up. Protecting shooters and dribblers is one of the KEYS to a great officiated game.
  • Chuck was at tournaments the last couple of weekends and the officials who were there for those games did a great job of staying in and officiating rebounding. The trail was top of the key extended and took one step toward the baseline when the shot went up and the center official was at the free throw line extended and also took one small step toward the baseline to help officiate rebounding. GREAT JOB was done all weekend. Very Impressive.

Something to try during pre-game warm ups on the court: Watch all players warm up, know who is predominantly right or left handed, know who is a jump shooter and where they seem to like to take shots from. Another thing to notice is:  are they post players? Do the players travel when they catch the ball?  Do they do anything out of the ordinary? Get as much information as you can before the game starts. IT HELPS I PROMISE

Things we can and need to get better at:  We are getting better with our reporting fouls but we need to get to the reporting area, STOP, and then report the foul completely. Be sure you are letting your partners and the players know what you have at the scene before you ever leave to go to the reporting area. All Crew members should KNOW WHO THE SHOOTER IS!!

We are hearing that players are running out of bounds on the base line to avoid a screen or a 3 second call. REMEMBER:  if a player leaves the court to gain an advantage and on purpose it is a violation. If you have any doubt, a warning at the next dead ball is a good way to deal with this act.

We seem to still struggle with cutters and those offensive players being bumped off their path.  When ball coverage is not one of your primary responsibilities and you have off-ball coverages,  you MUST notice and detect what is happening with those cutters. Talk about this in your pregame and really work on it. Don’t let an unfair advantage go without penalty.

We are in the heart of the season now so stay diligent! Thanks for all your work!

Charles Brittain, Gary Ross, Brett Nanninga, Lewie Curtis