Regional Basketball Weather Protocol

Girls Basketball Regionals for Class 1A begins this Thursday, February 8 for some of our Class 1A schools.  Regional girls basketball for Classes 2A and 3A begin on Saturday, February 10.

I have received several phone calls and/or emails from hosts of these games on Thursday and Saturday asking about procedures, protocol, etc. related to these games.  As we know, the forecast in parts of the state for Thursday and/or Saturday include the possibility of snow.  The forecast may or may not be accurate but being proactive in these situations is very important.  The following would be the process the IGHSAU would like to follow in the event that the participating schools have questions related to the playing of these Regional games this Thursday and Saturday.

1. Continue to monitor the weather forecast and weather in your area (as we know this varies from the part of the state you are in and even the part of the area in which you reside). The IGHSAU will also be monitoring the forecast and weather around the state.

2. AD’s from both the host school and the visiting school should communicate with each other and your local administration and transportation. (options, timeline, etc.)

3. Communicate with the IGHSAU – please email me at if you have questions related to the game – for example, if you are wondering about adjusting the starting time of the game due to the timing of the weather, touch base with me; if you are considering postponing the game, touch base with me. Ultimately, the final confirmation of any changes would come from the IGHSAU prior to any final decision.

4. In general, our hope is to play the game as scheduled. If we are not able to due to the conditions, we would like to play on the 1st available date – for example, if the game on Thursday is postponed, our 1st choice would be to play the game on Friday.  We do know that the boys basketball teams in some of your schools are still playing at home on Friday which means your facility is not available.  If your facility is not available on Friday, the next option would be to play on Saturday night. One additional factor would be the availability of officials on the dates.

5. If there are any recommended changes in starting times or postponements, the IGHSAU must receive this information (and give final approval) –we will then be posting these changes on the IGHSAU website. IF A POSTPONEMENT OCCURS, CONTACT THE OFFICIAL CREW CHIEF THAT THERE IS A POSTPONEMENT; HAVE THE CREW CHIEF NOTIFY THE OTHER OFFICIALS; TELL THE CREW CHIEF TO TELL THE OFFICIALS THAT THE OFFICIALS WILL BE NOTIFIED THE NEW GAME TIME AND DATE ON ARBITER; In addition, the IGHSAU will notify Chuck Brittain, Coordinator of Officials to make the changes in official’s assignments.  Locally, once this communication and approval has occurred with the IGHSAU, you then would communicate with your local media and or social media.

6. If you do not have the officials contact information, please contact the IGHSAU and we will give you the contact information of the officials.

I will have my cell phone and email with me at all times – if you need to personally touch base with me – my number is 515-975-3729.


Gary Ross, Associate Director, IGHSAU