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2017-18 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes

4-1-1d     If visible apparel is worn under the jersey and/or shorts, it shall be a solid color matching the predominant color of the respective garment.  Visible arm compression sleeves shall be a similar length, all alike and of a solid color matching the predominant color of the jersey. Visible leg compression sleeves shall be of a similar length, all alike and of a solid color matching the predominant color of the shorts

Media Credential Information for the 2017 Girls State Soccer Tournament

 IGHSAU Policy on State Championship Event Media Credentials: The Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union shall grant, at the discretion of management, media access credentials for its state championship events to radio, television, print and on-line media to those organizations or companies which routinely provide coverage during regular season play for either teams or individuals which are participating in the tournament, or which regularly offer general coverage of the sport.  The number of credentials issued to each organization or company shall be held to the discretion of management.  Private talent evaluators, scouting services, etc. shall not be granted access to areas of any venue restricted for media access.

2017 State Soccer Information Letter

June 5, 2017

SUBJECT:   2017 State Soccer Tournament Information

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2017 Iowa Girls State Soccer Tournament. The following information should answer some questions you and your fans may have in preparing for this year’s tournament. Read the following carefully and share with your parents and fans.

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