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University of Iowa Tennis Center Parking Information

Parking is allowed at the following areas at the University of Iowa Tennis Center:
1.       Metered spots
2.       The new student lot adjacent east of the HTRC
3.       Hall of Fame lot West of the Hall of Fame building
Parking is NOT allowed in:
1.       Lot 35 Adjacent east of the HTRC
2.       Other reserved lots surrounding the HTRC
3.       Sports Medicine lot East of the Sports Medicine clinic

State Qualifiers for Tennis Singles and Doubles for 2017

2017 Regional IGHSAU Tennis Tournament Results State Qualifiers both Champion and Runner-up Singles & Doubles

Thursday, May 18

IMPORTANT: The coaches of singles and doubles champions will e-mail the qualifications of their Champion to the State Office for seeding purposes by Tuesday morning (May 23rd) no later than 6:00 a.m. Please use the e-mail address ( If no information is received by 6:00 a.m. the coach of that champion will not be allowed to vote for seeding. E-mail’s can be sent any time after the regional individual play of Thursday the 18th.

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