Softball Bat Memo posted 6/13/12


Coaches/Umpires - Over the first couple weeks of the season, we have been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails about bats whose 2004 ASA Certified stamp has worn off but are otherwise legal.  I have spoken with a handful of bat manufacturers and other state associations about how to handle these circumstances.  The bat manufacturers will not re-stamp a bat, nor will they issue any sort of variance in writing stating that the bat is legal and that the stamp has worn off.  The IGHSAU also cannot grant any written waivers in this regard.  In visiting with other state associations, the following procedure is what we to see followed in Iowa from now on.  Umpires and coaches should both have a copy of the current non-approved bat list available to them each game.  If a bat is NOT on the non-approved list but the 2004 ASA Certified stamp has worn off and the bat is otherwise legal, the umpires may still allow the bat to be used.  My hope is that the NFHS will change the rule to be like the NCAA rule where the coach simply presents a list of bats that will be used, but we aren't there yet.  Hopefully this procedural change will allow our teams to get through the season without a plethora of otherwise legal bats being thrown out.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.