Quik Stats Management Instructions For Basketball

Please note – QuikStats has completely changed for the 2011-12 basketball season. Please read these instructions on putting in statistics carefully.

Inputting statistics for basketball is an easy process and should not take more than a couple of minutes to complete after each of your matches. 

As we begin the season, there are some start-up items that will need to be completed before you’re able to begin entering statistics. Hopefully, these step-by-step instructions will help you get started.

       1.     Logging into the system

1.      Go to the basketball section of the IGHSAU web site and click on the link to Quik Stats.

2.      Click on the link for School Login

3.      Select your school from the drop down list and enter your password. Your athletic director should have your school’s QuikStats password. Please see them to get your password.

  1. Entering your schedule (the entire schedule must be completed before the first competition)

1.      Once logged in (see step 1 above):

2.      Click on basketball.

3.      This will take you to the Schedule management screen.

4.      Fill out the form for each competition that you have scheduled throughout the season.

5.      There are four fields listed for each competition as listed below

1.     Home/Away – Indicates whether the competition is held at Home, Away, or Neutral location.

2.     Date – Indicates the date the competition is to be held.  When you enter this field you can either manually enter the date in the form mm/dd/yyyy or you can select the date from the calendar popup.

3.     Location – This is the location of the competition.  This can include the city/state and the facility name

4.     Opponent – This is your opponent for that competition. 

1.      The drop down list will contain all Iowa schools competing in your sport this year. If the drop down list does not contain the school you are competing against and it is an Iowa school please contact the IGHSAU or IHSAA and we will get it added.

2.      If the school you are competing against is not in the drop down list and it is not a school within Iowa (i.e. a bordering state), then click on the Opp Not Listed link next to the drop down and you can manually type in the name of the opponent. 

6.      Once you have filled out your schedule make sure you hit the Save Schedule button (click this button periodically, so you don't accidentally lose your work).

7.      Tournaments – you obviously won’t know the opponents will face in tournaments. To begin the season, I recommend listing the date and location of the tournaments that are on your schedule. You can add the opponents you face when you input your statistics. The system automatically sorts the schedules by date when you hit the save button.

  1. Entering your roster (this should be completed before the first competition)

1.      Once you have logged in (step 1) and entered your schedule (step 2) you can now enter your roster

2.      From the schedule screen you will see a link at the top that says Roster.  Click on that link

3.      Fill out the form for all of the athletes competing on your team and then click Save

  1. Entering Results/Stats

Note: the cumulative statistics feature is no longer an option. All matches must be put into the system individually.

1.      Once the season begins, you must enter the results and stats for the competitions as soon as possible.

2.      From the schedule screen (step 2) you will notice a link Enter Results/Stats next to the left of each competition (Note: this link shows up on the day of the scheduled contest on the schedule), click on this link next to the competition you want to enter results for.

3.      Fill out the form and click the Save button.

Note – you are not required to enter zeros if there are no stats for a particular player. The system automatically fills in the zeros. In the event you accidently fill in a space with, for example, a letter instead of a number, the system will highlight the error in red and the system will not allow you to submit your statistics until the error is corrected.   

  1. Viewing results/stats on the public pages

1.      Go to http://www.ighsau.org/ web site and click on the link to Quik Stats

2.      Click on the basketball section to view stats for basketball.

 If you have any questions, coaches are asked to email Jason Eslinger at the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union at jasoneslinger@ighsau.org