What is your favorite part of being a high school coach?

Being able to teach and coach the kids life long lessons.

How has COVID-19 affected the way you coach?

Thankfully golf is outside and has minimal restrictions, so not so much.

What have you learned from your time coaching?

The longer I coach, my more I realize there is more to the game besides winning. I am extremely competitive and my coaching style early on reflected that...I was very intense....now I realize I want to make it more fun for my players and still be competitive.

What are a few skills you have developed or refined while coaching?

  • Listening skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Empathy

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a coach?

Be yourself. Don't copy or mimic someone else's style..be authentic... be you. Pay attention to the little details...they can make a huge difference in your program. Be your team's number one fan. Believe in them and support them. Your team should know how much you back them.

Why did you become a coach?

I became a coach because I loved coaching the whole athlete...not just the skills or the game knowledge.

What value/idea is most important to you as a coach?

Integrity and tenacity.

Did you play any sports in high school, if so, how has that impacted your coaching techniques today?

I was a four sport athlete all four years in high school. Looking back at my experience as an athlete, I really don't remember any coaching tips or X's and O's that would make my basketball team, my softball players or golfers perform better. What I do remember is the positive relationship I had with my coaches. I want my players to be able to look back and remember the highlights and the awesome experience of high school athletics.

- Spotlight written by Amanda Burghduff, Waukee APEX Associate

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