Female athletes from Iowa are special in many ways; here at the IGHSAU we work to recognize the “Iowa Girl” and share our enthusiasm for the good that she represents. There is something unique in every Iowa Girl, whether that be leadership, dedication or compassion. Each one has a story worth sharing. 

Welcome to the Iowa Girl Project. Join fellow Iowa Girl Mia Laube as she shares the stories of Iowa Girls who are taking the skills they learned through their education and athletic career above and beyond. These women are making a positive impact on their communities, big and small. They inspire the next generation to compete in sports and conquer the challenges ahead. 

Proud to be an Iowa Girl!


Iowa Girls GIVE BACK.

Abby Lohrmann has spent her life giving back to the community that gave her the opportunity to shine as a leader on and off the court.

The word “leader” can bring about images of a vocal, boisterous individual ready to captivate his or her audience. However, not every leader stands out in the community because of speaking prowess. Sometimes leading by example is more than enough.

Abby Lohrmann is one of those leaders. 

Lohrmann enjoyed a successful four years at Kuemper Catholic High School, garnering All-Conference, All-State and State All-Tournament Team honors. Volleyball wasn’t the only thing she devoted her time to; Lohrmann developed a strong set of values by involving herself in her community.

“I grew up in a catholic school that taught me how to give back,” Lohrmann said. “Throughout high school, our school did many food drives, did fun activities to raise money for the church and community, and taught us many ways to give back by participating in Christian service and volunteering.”

With the end of high school nearing, college volleyball wasn’t in the equation for Lohrmann. However, one event changed her decision.

“My senior year, I was not planning on playing college ball until Head Coach Sara Horn from Iowa Central Community College came and hosted a camp at the Kuemper gym,” Lohrmann said. “A couple months later I committed to Iowa Central. My two college years were everything I hoped for and more.”

Lohrmann collected even more honors at Iowa Central, including 2nd Team All-American and 2nd Team Academic All-American. She also broke records for service aces in a single game and all-time assists.

Her years of volleyball contributed to her development as a leader.

“I enjoy doing what I do because it gives me a rewarding feeling inside,” Lohrmann said. “Some people have the talent of leading vocally, but being a captain for my volleyball teams made me realize I have the talent of leading by example, and that’s what I like to do and show to other athletes.”

Now, she aims to give a similar experience to the younger generation.

“From playing volleyball the last ten years of my life and receiving great coaching, I know I have knowledge to give to younger volleyball girls,” Lohrmann said. “I helped coach multiple youth camps at Iowa central, helped train a high school AAU team, and have been working with multiple girls individually on their volleyball skills.”

She draws energy from Carroll, the community that lifted her up since she was a young player. 

Lohrmann is currently enrolled in a dental hygeine program, but she is open to continuing her work with younger players in the future.

“I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be in life,” Lohrmann said.

Iowa Girls are special because of their dedication to providing opportunities for younger athletes. Whether it be volunteering, coaching or reaching higher in her education, Lohrmann continues to shine as a leader in her community.

“Being a female athlete in Iowa makes me feel very proud,” Lohrmann said. 

Proud to be an Iowa Girl.


Written by Mia Laube. Mia is a freelance writer for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. She is a graduate of Marion High School and currently attends the University of St. Thomas where she studies journalism and communications. As a former Iowa high school student-athlete, Mia is excited to share the stories of the "Iowa Girl" through the Iowa Girl Project.