The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is grateful to its partner organizations for their investment in and commitment to student-athletes and communities across the state of Iowa. This featured blog series will highlight our partners and showcase why they invest in the IGHSAU, how they are supporting Iowans during this difficult time and words of encouragement for the Iowa Girl. We will also share ways in which you, the reader, can in turn support these businesses and organizations in return as a way thank them for their investment in the IGHSAU.

Southwestern Community College

Contact: Terri Higgins

Phone: 641-782-1431

E-mail: [email protected]


Why does SWICC support the IGHSAU and the Iowa Girl?

What better way for Southwestern Community College to connect with Iowa high school students than the IGHSAU! For many years, Iowa's community colleges have provided an excellent transition for youth who move from high school to college. The IGHSAU helps us relay that message to students and we appreciate it!

How is SWICC supporting Iowa communities during this time?

Southwestern has been working closely with local hospitals and emergency management entities. Donations have included hospital gowns, fog-free masks, surgical masks, gloves, and N95 masks. In addition, the nursing program has temporarily loaned Greater Regional Medical Center hospital beds and IV pumps/pulls.

Words of Encouragement to the IGHSAU community and the Iowa Girl

These times help us understand how small the world really is and what an impact each of us has on the environment. It's wonderful to see people pulling together to assist on a statewide and a nationwide level and the constant message that "we're in this together" makes it much easier to operate on a daily basis.