Softball Memo #3                                                     
June 5, 2018

Coaching Attire
Coaches are reminded to dress appropriately and professionally during games.  Rule 3-5-3 states: Any time a coach is in live-ball area to confer with players or an umpire, or occupy a coach's box, the coach shall be attired in school uniform or jersey/coaching shirt with coaching shorts/slacks or warm up suits (including fleece warm-ups) in school colors or colors of khaki, black, white or gray.  Cut-offs or any type of jeans are prohibited.  Jackets are not considered part of the coach's uniforms.

Halter tops, tank tops, running shirts are NOT considered part of the coach's uniforms. 

This also applies to players serving as coaches in the coaching box.  And yes, they must wear shoes.

Any questions, please feel free to contact the IGHSAU.

QuikStats Scores
A new feature this year of QuikStats is immediate score reporting once the score is entered into QuikStats.  Coaches can enter the final score only without having to input statistics.  That score is then sent out via IGHSAU social media.  It's an easy way to have your scores reported statewide!

Lightning and Weather Delays
Take a few minutes to visit with school site administrators regarding lightning and weather delays.  We have had several issues regarding how the decision to delay is made.  PRIOR to the start of any game, the host school administration is responsible for monitoring weather.  Once the game is in progress, the umpires are responsible for delaying due to thunder and/or lightning.  If thunder is heard or sky to ground lightning is observed, CLEAR THE FIELD and follow your school' s inclement weather plan for teams, fans and workers.  A 30-minute delay is mandatory after each lightning strike.  During this delay, take time to gather more information via websites and the National Weather Service.  Software is available that helps indicate the distance of the lightning strike and movement of the storm.

Ideally, coaches should not serve as the site administrator.  Umpires also appreciate help from site administrators on incoming weather, advance notices, etc.  It is not always possible to hear distant thunder in the middle of a game. 

Field Markings
Please be advised of the proper field markings, including the media box and the on deck circle.

A media box is required to be lined in foul territory down the third base line for all regional contests. An additional media box down the first base line is recommended. The minimum dimensions of these boxes shall be 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. Only official media photographers/videographers may occupy the media boxes.

The on deck circle must be in a safe location to the side and away from home, or 30' if space allows.  It should measure 5'.  See figure 1-1 on page 8 of the NFHS Rules Book.

Rules Questions
The three most common areas of rules questions so far this year include the DP/FLEX, illegal/legal pitches and obstruction/interference.  Softball Coordinator of Officials Cathy Creighton includes discussion and interpretations in her newsletters on these rules.  The newsletters are posted in Arbiter on the Central Hub.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at

Regional Manual
The 2018 Regional Softball Manual is posted on line on the IGHSAU web site. It can also be accessed by clicking here.   Please refer to it for hosting guidelines and policies for 2018 softball regionals.

Tournament Roster Form
Each team is limited to 28 TEAM PERSONNEL for all regional and state tournament games. Team personnel consist of all school representatives located in the team dugout, including but not limited to certified coaches, players, managers, statisticians, certified athletic trainers, bat boys/girls, etc.

Please do not add parents, coaches' spouses or children or other non-team personnel to this list.  The roster form should include only those personnel with a specific game-day or school-related responsibility.

Admission to the tournament site will be made strictly from this form, and the tournament manager will also use this form as a data sheet to prepare the program prior to the tournament. Coaches may change the personnel on this form for each day of competition.

Bracket Release

The tentative schedule for release of 2018 regional brackets is as follows:

1A/2A/3A                   Monday, June 18
4A/5A                         Friday, June 22

Umpire Assignments
In 2018, three umpires will be assigned for each game beginning with the semi-final round of regional play for all classes.  Three-person crews are also assigned for all regional final games as well as each game at the state tournament.

Each host site must supply optic yellow Dudley SB 12L RF Y FP — Red stitch (.47 COR) game balls for all games. This is the only ball that may be used in regional competition.  Please have 12-16 "suitable" Dudley balls available.  "Suitable" means the softball is already rubbed up a bit and not in poor shape.