Volleyball Memo #2

September 13, 2018

 Coaches – Just think, a month ago your team was working on getting to know each other and now they are in full swing!  Throughout the season I will be posting information in the Volleyball section under the Coaches & Administrators’ tab on the IGHSAU website. This is where you will find information for coaches and athletic directors (i.e. season updates, rankings, postseason information, etc).  Please frequent the Volleyball section that is under the Coaches & Administrators tab on the IGHSAU website.

FYI…This Volleyball section is different from the main Volleyball section on our website, which is geared towards the general public.

Coaches Rules Meeting The deadline for head coaches to view the Coaches Online Rules Meeting was September 1.  If you have not viewed it, it must be done today. The Rules Meeting is located in the Volleyball section under the Coaches and Administrators tab on the IGHSAU website.

Regional Host Site Availability The Regional host site availability was September 10th.  Please click here for the latest Regional host site availability list.

Milestones – The IGHSAU would like to recognize volleyball players for any significant achievement on its Twitter page. Please contact Jason Eslinger (jasoneslinger@ighsau.org)  if your player reaches a significant milestone (1,000 kills, 1,000 assists, etc.), breaks a school record or does something you believe is noteworthy. We’d love to hear about it!

Set/Match Limit ClarificationThere is no set limit per date, however there is a match limit per date. Players may not play in more than six matches per date. Example: If a JV player plays in the JV match at 5:00 p.m. on a Tuesday and plays immediately after that in the 7:00 p.m. varsity match, that counts as two matches on that date and one match played for each level of competition (see below). 

Date AllowanceVolleyball players are allowed to play fourteen dates per level of competition.  For example, a freshman is permitted to play fourteen 9th grade dates as well as fourteen JV dates.  Likewise, a JV player is permitted to play fourteen JV dates as well as fourteen varsity dates.  This rule is not in place to allow top-level varsity players the opportunity to play fourteen varsity dates at each level, rather to help teams with limited rosters field sub-varsity teams in hopes of creating more sub-varsity participation opportunities.

Coaching Contact High school coaches (head, assistant, paid or volunteer) are not allowed to coach any of their high school players outside of the high school volleyball season during the school year.  This includes graduating seniors.  High school coaches are permitted to coach 8th grade and younger volleyball players from their school during the school year outside of the season.  Junior high coaches are permitted to coach their junior players AND high school players from their school during the school year outside of the season.  All coaches/volunteers helping with junior high and high school teams must have a coaching authorization and be school appointed. 

Regional Assignments – Regional assignments will be released the first week of October. Regional assignments will be posted on the IGHSAU website.

QuikStats – It is required to submit varsity volleyball stats on QuikStats.  QuikStats is checked every Tuesday during the regular season. Complete statistical information must be included in every check and all matches played through Saturday of the previous week must be included in each week’s update.

StatisticsThere are a number of videos, manuals, power points and hints regarding the proper way to compile statistics on our website in the Volleyball section under the Coaches & Administrators tab. For some quick guidance on keeping stats, download the NCAA Quick Tips for Volleyball Statistics. Coaches, if you are not personally keeping the statistics, please review accuracy of the stats submitted for your team.

Compression Sleeves Compression sleeves, knee pads and socks are not considered part of the uniform. Thus, they do not need to be of a like or similar color or the same color between teammates.

Court Markings Please make sure your court boundary lines are properly marked.  It is recommended by the NFHS that all boundary lines be of one clearly visible color contrasting to the color of the floor and other lines on the floor. This is especially critical for the centerline. The centerline shall consist of a continuous line, two inches wide, parallel to and equidistant from the end lines. If the floor has a logo in the center of the court, that logo should not distract from the visibility of the centerline. Small breaks at the three-point line of a gym floor are permitted, however the centerline is a potential safety issue and that must be complete.

Varsity Pre-Game Warm-up The first five minutes will be spent with both teams on the court for ball handling.  The next six minutes the visiting team gets the court for hitting and serving.  The home team may ball handle on the playing surface BUT must remain off of the court.  The following six minutes the home team gets the court for hitting and serving.  There will be no mutual serving time. 

Flexibility is permitted for pre-game warm-ups for Saturday tournaments, however mutual serving and mutual hitting (shared net) is not allowed. The NFHS conducted a study on volleyball concussions that indicated the majority of concussions occur prior to the start of the match, which is the result of shared hitting and mutual serving. Make sure all coaches are made aware of the warm-up protocol prior to the start of the tournament.

Sub-Varsity Scoring (junior high, 9th and 10th grade, JV) – Rally scoring must be used but point requirements and time limits can be determined prior to the start of each match.  No scoring cap may be used.  Two timeouts are allowed per set. The winning team must win by two points. The let serve shall be used. Sub-varsity teams should switch benches after each set.

Foreign Exchange Students If you have a foreign exchange student on your team, please confirm with your athletic director that the proper documentation has been submitted to Gary Ross at the IGHSAU. 

JewelryPlayers may NOT use plugs, strings, rubber spacers, plastic spacers, straws, retainers, etc. in lieu of the actual piece of jewelry during competitions.  All items (metal or otherwise) are considered jewelry and not permitted per NFHS rule. Daith piercings (for migraines) are permitted to be worn, provided the school’s athletic director has obtained permission by providing a doctor’s note to the IGHSAU stating a medical need for the piercing. 

Cancer Awareness If your school would like to have a cancer awareness event, please refer to the link, Guidance on Cancer Awareness Activities, on the main page of our website. Cancer awareness jerseys are legal, provided the number size and placement adheres to the NFHS rule. Cancer Awareness matches are not allowed during postseason matches.

Best of luck as you continue through your season!

Lisa Brinkmeyer

IGHSAU Assistant Director/Volleyball Administrator