2022 State Qualifying Bowling Memo

I hope this finds all of you doing well as we’ve already reached the home stretch of the bowling season. We are very excited about the new format that is being played for this year’s tournament, but we realize that with anything new, there is bound to be questions. Hopefully this memo will address some of the questions you may have going into next week’s regional meets. STATE QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE: All state qualifying sites will follow this schedule:

Team Play will begin first, followed by a minimum 30-minute break with the individual tournament taking place after the break. It is recommended that lanes are re-oiled during the break.

STATE QUALIFYING TEAM ENTRY FEE: A lineage fee per gender team ($50 for a boys’ team and an additional $50 for a girls’ team) be paid by each school to the assigned host facility of each joint qualifying meet. Each team entering the joint state qualifying meet is able to enter six bowlers plus one substitute. 

State Qualifying Tournament Spectators: Admission price is $6.00 (plus fees).

Host sites must use the Varsity Bound ticketing platform. Varsity Bound will set up the online ticketing and provide a link for each school to purchase tickets.   

State Qualifying Rosters: Each team entering the state qualifying meet will be allowed to enter six (6) individual bowlers and one (1) substitute for the meet.  The expectation would be that there is only one roster (just as in past years) containing 6 bowlers who will bowl as determined in both the Baker and Individual at the qualifying tournaments. The six bowlers on the team roster will be the six bowlers that will take part in the individual tournament.  The SUBSTITUTE may be ONLY used in the event of injury, illness, or disqualification. Additionally, each of the eight (8) teams that qualify for the state tournament will be allowed to enter six (6) bowlers and one (1) substitute.

State Qualifying Team Format. Teams will bowl 15 baker games and the top total pins would advance to the State Meet. Class 3A and 2A state qualifying meets have four sites with eight teams at each site, with the top two teams at each site qualifying for the State Team Tournament. Class 1A would have eight sites with 6-7 teams at each site.  The champion at each site will qualify for the state team meet

3A -- 2 teams qualify per site = 8 teams qualify across the state

2A -- 2 teams qualify per site = 8 teams qualify across the state

1A – 1 team qualifies per site = 8 teams qualify

Individual State Qualifying: Individuals at the state qualifying meet will bowl three games. The top eight scores from each Class 3A/2A site qualify for the state individual tournament for a total of 32 individual qualifiers. The top four scores from the eight 1A state qualifying meets would qualify for the State Tournament for a total of 32 individual qualifiers.

3A -- 8 individual qualifiers per site = 32 individual qualifiers across state

2A -- 8 individual qualifiers per site = 32 individual qualifiers across state

1A – 4 individual qualifiers per site = 32 individual qualifiers across state


  1. It would be preferred that lanes are drawn as the schools arrive at the site.
  2. The host school cannot draw a lane until one other school has arrived.
  3. Oil pattern is shared with participating schools.
  4. If possible, lanes should be re-oiled between the team and individual competitions.
  5. Allow 2 practice balls per lane.


State Qualifying Tournament (Boys) - Team Champion will receive a banner and six (6) team champion medals.  Individual Champion will receive a champion medal.

State Qualifying Tournament (Girls) - Teamchampion will receive a banner, a “Ticket Punched” poster and six champion medals. Team state qualifiers (non-champions) will receive a “Ticket Punched” posters and a state-qualifying banner.

Individual champions will receive a champion medal and a “Ticket Punched” poster. Individual qualifiers (non-champions) will receive a “Ticket Pickets” placard.

STATE QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT EXPENSES: No expenses will be paid for state qualifying bowling.

BALL CLEANING: Since the team and individual events are two separate meets, competitors may clean/scuff their bowling balls between the individual and team tournaments.

LANE SWITCHING: We want to be cognizant of the bowling proprietors that are hosting meets and making sure that our state qualifying meets are completed before their scheduled leagues play. In order to save time, it is recommended that players stay on their assigned baker lanes for the team tournament. If the bowling facility has enough extra lanes to spread players out for the individual tournament, those lanes may be utilized.

COMPETITORS STANDING: Competitors should be seated when they are not bowling. It is difficult for spectators to see if all the bowlers are standing.

ALTERNATE SHADOW BALLS: Alternates for the baker games will be allowed two shadow balls prior to the start of team play.

TIEBREAKERS: If there are ties at first place or for the final state qualifying place, the following roll-off procedures will take place:

Team: One baker game will be played to determine the state qualifying champion or the final state qualifying spot (1st place for 1A; 2nd & 3rd for 2A & 3A)

Individual: A ninth and 10th frame roll-off will be utilized to determine the state qualifying meet individual champion or for the final state qualifying spot (4th place for 1A) (8th place for 2A & 3A).

Pants - Shall be a long pant, similar in color (no blue jeans) or a skirt may be worn.
Shirts - a. Shall be identical

  1. Shall have a collar – Mock turtleneck shirts are considered a collared shirt.
    c. Shall have no advertising
     d. Identification on the front or back can be either the participant's first or last name or school name/nickname if owned by the school.
    e. Identification on the back of shirt may be school name/nickname/logo. Note: The IBF logo is permitted on the front of the shirt.

Hats - no hats are allowed. Sweatbands/headbands are allowed.
If not in appropriate uniform and it cannot be corrected immediately the player will be disqualified and team will use an absenteescore for the game in which that bowler is participating.

Best of luck to all of the bowlers next week.

Chad Elsberry                        Jason Eslinger

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