To request press credentials for the 2018 Iowa Girls State Softball Tournament, please click here to download the credential application. Be sure to download the PDF to your desktop before filling out the form. Once you fill out the form, click the "submit form" button on the top right hand corner of the application. 

Credential requests for the 2018 Iowa Girls State Softball Tournament must be made no later than 4:30 p.m. Thursday, July 12.  When requesting credentials, please include all of the individuals covering the tournament and the teams you will be following. Please observe the July 12 deadline – anyone missing the deadline will have to purchase a ticket for their first round game.

Who can apply for credentials? The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union’s Board of Directors adopted the following policy regarding media credentials: “The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union shall grant, at the discretion of management, media access credentials for its state championship events to radio, television, print and on-line media to those organizations or companies which routinely provide coverage during regular season play for either teams or individuals which are participating in the tournament, or which regularly offer general coverage of the sport. The number of credentials issued to each organization or company shall be held to the discretion of management. Private talent evaluators, scouting services, etc. shall not be granted access to area of any venues restricted for media access.”

NOTE TO MEDIA MEMBERS THAT HAVE THE IGHSAU ALL-TOURNAMENT STATE PASS: Although you already have credentials for IGHSAU state tournaments, we still need to know who is covering the tournament. 

Press Seating at Rogers Park: There are four seating areas for working press. Seating in the press box is limited to approximately 10-to-12 spots.  Priority access will be given to media with daily deadlines. The media area behind home plate on both diamonds remain and will be also available for use. Priority will be given to radio stations that are broadcasting games.

New for 2018. There will be a designated area underneath the bleachers on Buena Vista Field (Diamond 1) for television stations to file video.

Interview Area: There will be an interview area set up set up near the center of the diamond (near the concession stand0 Coaches, along with 1-3 players,  will be brought by IGHSAU personnel to the interview area following each first round, semifinal and championship contest. There will be no interview requests for consolation games.

Wi-Fi Available at Rogers Park: Free Wi-Fi will be available at Rogers Park. The signal varies in strength throughout the week, so please consider that as you make plans. Also – extension cords and outlets are not provided at Rogers Park. Please remember to bring these materials with you if you need them. My suggestion: if you have access to your own mobile hotspots, I recommend bringing them.

Picking up your credentials: You will pick up your press packet and credentials when you enter the diamond in the west Media/VIP parking lot. There will be designated signage so you will know where to enter the diamond. IGHSAU personnel at the media entrance and he will give you your packet, which will include your parking pass. Please display the parking pass in your vehicle as soon as you receive it.

Ordering Phone Lines: For those needing to order phone lines for Rogers Park, please call Temporary Services Department at Frontier Communications at (888-244-3773). A reminder to radio stations – your team will likely be playing on both diamonds so remember to order lines for both Buena Vista University Field (Diamond 1) and Diamond 2. NOTE ABOUT CONSOLATION GAMES: There will be consolation games taking place Tuesday and Wednesday on Veterans' and Dodger Diamond. There are no phone jacks in place on those fields.  Any radio station that has a team playing on those diamonds will have to broadcast via cell phone.

 Yearbook and Student Publications: Student publications are allowed. A request for this access must be sent by a school administrator via email to Monte Wilson ( no later than July 12.  No accommodations are made for videographers, who are subject to the same videotaping regulations as any other spectator

Box Scores: Box scores with internet scoring will be posted on the IGHSAU website. Copies of box scores will not be made unless specifically requested.

Radio Stations: 
Radio stations will be allowed to originate a live broadcast of an IGHSAU Iowa High School State Tournament/Playoff/Championship/ Event/Meet for the following rights fees. Softball – $150.00 per game.LIVE AUDIO STREAMING, AUDIO ARCHIVING OR DELAYED AUDIO REPLAY OF THE BROADCAST IS ALLOWED.  ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE IOWA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC UNION (IGHSAU) AND MUST BE PRESENTED WHEN PICKING UP YOUR MEDIA CREDENTIALS.

Please contact me if you have any concerns. I look forward to seeing you in Fort Dodge.

Jason Eslinger