Basketball Memo 2 – November 19, 2019

 Hopefully the start of practices has gotten off to a great start!  Hard to believe that the games are around the corner.  This memo will share some information that will help you get started with the season.  In addition, I have included the information that was emailed to the basketball officials from Chuck Brittain – pay particular attention to the information on headbands/pre-wrap/rolling of shorts.

  1. A reminder that all head coaches must view the online rules meeting that is posted on both the IGHSAU and the IHSAA websites.
  2. Head coaches/AD’s – be sure to enter the varsity girls basketball schedules into Quikstats – many newspapers, media, etc. use the team’s basketball schedules on Quikstats for communication.
  3. Head coaches – be sure to complete the 19-20 Basketball Prospectus and email Jason Eslinger at if you have not already done so.

The following information was shared in a memo to the basketball officials from Chuck Brittain, Supervisor of Basketball Officials:

Now that the clinics have been completed we wanted to once again share the points of emphasis for the upcoming season and to give some clarity to these topics; It is our hope that you will give special attention to these points of emphasis for 2019-2020 Basketball season.

  • 3-5-4b: A headband is any item that goes around the entire head. It must be black,white, beige or the predominant color of the uniform and must be the same color for each item and all participants. It must be a circular design without extensions.  If a headband is worn, only one headband is permitted, it must be worn on the forehead/crown of the head. It must be nonabrasive and unadorned, and it must be no more than 3 inches wide.
  • 3-5-4b: All Pre-wrap shall be considered hair devices and will not be subject to the color restrictions. In all cases pre-wrap will be considered legal.
  • 3-5-4d: Hair control devices are defined as an item that goes around the hair such as rubber, cloth, elastic bands and pre-wrap when these items are used as or considered hair-control devices there are no color restrictions and are considered acceptable.
  • 3-5-7: By rule the medical-alert medal or bracelet must be taped to the person securely while the medical information is visible. Regardless of the medical-alert bracelet material, it must be taped to the arm securely with the medical information visible.

We would like to mention that it is the role of the head coach to know the rules and restrictions to ensure that players are properly equipped. By rule the head coach must not permit a team member to participate while wearing an illegal uniform, illegal equipment, illegal apparel, etc. It is imcumbent on the coaches to know the rules and restrictions regarding all apparel and what is allowed.

It is also the role of the official to monitor the players, the uniforms and accessories. Officials and coaches must work together so as to not place the official in the role of being viewed as picky or searching for an illegal uniform or an illegal appreal item. Lets all be diligent to get this cleaned up.

3-5-5: NOTE: Provided the players shorts are not in conflict with Rule 3-4-5, no drawstring or part of the shorts intended to maintain them in a normal position causes potential harm to the player or others and wearing of the shorts is not objectionable in exposing the anatomy, there is no restriction on folding or rolling the shorts at the waist. Use some common sense here, should a drawstringextend out to a length where it is possible for a finger or hand to become caught that player should fix immediately.  SAFETY FIRST!!

Throw in Violations Rule 7-5-7 Please review this rule thoroughly as a refresher. Good conversation piece for your crews and association meetings.

Pre-game meeting with Administrator on Supervision and Crowd control:  Upon arrival or very near thereafter please designate who the game administrator and/or supervisor of crowd control is for the contest. It is our expectation that the contest officials are there to managethe contest which includes players and coaches and school administration will manage student body, parents and all other spectators. We expect school administration to be proactive in crowd supervision and control. Inappropriate behavior should be addressed before it escalates. Spectator behavior remains a critical concern and must be dealt with.

Please also give special attention to officiating traveling Rule 4-44-Art.1-5,

Rough play, post play, hand checking, allowing players to move with freedom should receive special attention before, during and after the game as you critique your performance.

We hope these reminders are something you can use now and hopefully will print off, put in your bag and discuss every night out. Thanks for your commitment to the game of basketball and hope you are looking forward to a great season!!!