Hard to believe the girls' basketball season is already into the middle of January.  As we head down the backstretch of the season, the IGHSAU is providing some helpful information as you plan for the remainder of the season.

The Regional Girls Basketball assignments for Class 1A, 2A, and 3A will be released on February 5 and 6.  The assignments for Classes 4A and 5A will be released on February 12 and 13. 

Several people have asked about these dates.  As you know, this year is a “roll-back” year so the start of your season began six days later than last year.  Also, the game schedule is six days later than last year.  With the post-season, the start of the regionals is also six days later than last year.  In addition, a recommendation from the Girls’ basketball advisory committee with support from the IHSADA was to delay the post-season assignments an additional week from past years.  These two aspects entered into the date for releasing the basketball regional assignments.

Regionals for Class 1A will begin on February 13.  Classes 2A and 3A will begin on February 15.  Classes 4A and 5A will begin on February 19.

With the later release of assignments, coaches have expressed a desire (for scouting purposes) to be able to view a team’s basketball games because of one week less time to scout.  The IGHSAU would encourage coaches to work together and provide each other games to assist in the scouting process (whether through HUDL or another avenue).

Best of luck throughout the rest of the season!  The IGHSAU is excited about the post-season and the venture to Wells Fargo Arena!

Gary Ross
Associate Director/Basketball Administrator