With the white stuff on the ground in certain parts of the state, it reminds us that girls' basketball is around the corner.  The purpose of this memo is to give some reminders and information that will be helpful as we approach the start of the Girls Basketball season.

Girl’s Basketball practice begins on Monday, November 11 – I know many of you are having open gyms in preparation for the season.  Remember though that coaching is not allowed – please don’t put your program and/or yourself in jeopardy.

The basketball online rules meeting is having some technical issues.  As of today, the online rules meeting is not up and running. We will notify you when you may view the online rules meeting.  Remember that all head coaches must view the online rules meeting.

Each coach is expected to view the “Concussion Video” that is available on the NFHS website.  A reminder though that this only needs to be viewed once per school year.

The IGHSAU and the IHSAA have been conducting Basketball Officials Clinics during the past three weeks (five different locations).  We are excited that over 500 officials have been in attendance at these clinics.  A primary focus of these clinics has been on discussion and interaction of actual situations and game clips from last year’s basketball games. It is reassuring to see the passion and commitment that these officials have demonstrated as we begin our basketball season.  Knowing that the focus of the officials and our coaches is on creating the best possible experience for our student/athletes make me feel that our activities are in a good place.

If you are interested in participating in a Pride Challenge scrimmage, applications are due by November 7, 2019.  Click here to view more information on the Pride Challenge scrimmages.

First eligible playing game date is November 22, 2019.  

On the IGHSAU website, Coaches and Administrators, Basketball, you will notice the Tentative Classification List for Girls Basketball for the 2019-20 season.  Please check to make sure that your school is listed, check to make sure the BEDS enrollment is correct, and if you have a cooperative sharing agreement that the information is listed correctly.  If not, please contact me at gross@ighsau.org.

Yours in sport,

Gary Ross
Associate Director and Girls Basketball Administrator - IGHSAU