Congratulations on qualifying for the 2021 Iowa Girls State Soccer Tournament. The following information should answer some questions you and your fans may have concerning this year’s tournament. Read the following carefully and share with your team and spectators. 

COVID Update: There will be no spectator limitations or a mask mandate enforced at the State Soccer Tournament.  However, we ask that teams and fans be mindful of social distancing practices to ensure the safety of the athletes.

The State Soccer Tournament will be held June 8, 9, 11 at Cownie Soccer Complex in Des Moines. The State Soccer schedule is on the IGHSAU website in the Soccer section under the Coaches & Administrators tab and in the State Soccer Tournament Central link on the main page of the IGHSAU website.  

Varsity Bound/QuikStats: Varsity Bound/QuikStats must be updated bynoon on Saturday, June 5.

SPECTATOR ADMISSION:  The spectator gate opens at 9:00 a.m. on June 8th, 9th and 11th. All wristbands are $10 each day.Children not yet in kindergarten will be admitted for free.  If you leave the complex and plan to attend another match later in the day, you must be wearing your purchased wristband to be allowed back into the complex. If you leave the complex and return without your wristband, you must purchase another wristband to return to the complex.

PLEASE NOTE: Spectators will NOT be allowed to bring the following items inside the Cownie Soccer Complex: Coolers & thermoses, backpacks & large bags; outside food & drink and weapons of any kind. Be prepared to have items you bring into the park inspected.

Lawn chairs, strollers and umbrellas ARE permitted into the complex.Teams may bring their own coolers to the park and must be brought in by the team when they check into the team passgate. Water will be available at each team bench. The expectation is that the cooler is specifically for team use only.

SPECTATOR PARKING: The Des Moines Parks & Recreation Department charges $10 for parking each day. Be advised that if a spectator leaves the Cownie Soccer Complex and returns that same day, you will be charged an additional $10 to park. Cownie officials have asked that spectators NOT park on the grass medians.  Cars parked on the grass medians will be ticketed.

TEAM BUS DROP-OFF AND PARKING: Team buses have a designated parking area west of Field 9 (Championship field).  Buses should drop their team by the passgate within the complex and then continue to the designated parking area west of Field 9.

EMERGENCY PERSONNEL: The Des Moines Fire and Rescue Department will provide emergency personnel for players, officials and spectators. They will be located north of the concession stand. They will be on site 30 minutes prior to the start of the first match of the day.

TRAINERS: Trainers will be on site prior to the first match of the day through the last match of the day. Their tent will be located northeast of the concession stand.

ROYAL PUBLISHING: Royal Publishing out of Peoria, Ill., is licensed by the IGHSAU to sell “hometown” advertisements in the state tournament program. Your local businesses and booster clubs may be contacted by Royal Publishing about purchasing an ad in the State Soccer Program. Businesses and booster clubs are in no way obligated to purchase an ad for the program.

TOURNAMENT REGULATIONS:  Please review the 2021 Soccer Manual, which includes rules and regulations for tournament play. The Soccer Manual is on the IGHSAU website in the Soccer section listed under the Coaches & Administrators tab.  Please remind your fans that signs, banners, and artificial noisemakers are prohibitedFans are not permitted on the playing fields at any time. Also, pets will not be allowed into the complex.

TEAM ADMISSION:  Upon arriving at the tournament site, your team shall be admitted through the pass gate. You are limited to 28 people which shall include 22 players, coaches, managers, bus driver, etc. All school trainers must be included on the school’s travel party. Any additional personnel beyond the allotted 28 must purchase a ticket or the IGHSAU can bill your school. Buses and vans should drop off team personnel at the pass gate.

WARM-UP AND PRE-GAME PROCEDURES:  Each team must provide their own warm-up balls. We will be utilizing four fields during first round play at the state tournament. Fields 5 and 10 will be used for warm-up. Teams playing matches on fields 6 and 7 will warm up on field 5. Teams playing on fields 8 and 9 will warm-up on field 10.

The National Anthem will be presented prior to the first match each day.  Team introductions will commence five minutes prior to the start of each match. After the National Anthem, schools should line up at the touch line in front of their bench. If there is no National Anthem, line up at the touch line after the time has expired for warm-ups. The international method of lining up for introductions will be used. Coaches are required to participate in introductions.

BENCH ASSIGNMENT:  Both teams will occupy benches on the same side of the field during the state tournament.  The home team (top seed) will occupy the bench to the right of the scorekeeper when facing the field.  The visiting team (lower seed) will occupy the bench to the left of the scorekeeper when facing the field. GAME ROSTER:  You are permitted to change your roster of 22 players from match to match.  The coach must enter the eligible game roster in the official scorebook located at each field prior to the match.  Please have a member of the coaching staff check with the public address announcer upon your arrival to verify pronunciations and starting line-ups.

AWARD & ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAMS:  Awards will be presented to non-advancing teams following each of the matches. Teams are expected to return to their team area immediately following handshakes so awards can be presented. The Iowa High School Soccer Coaches Association will select the 11-member all-Tournament team based on play throughout the tournament. The all-Tournament team will be announced and presented on Field 9 immediately upon completion of the championship match in each class.

VIDEOTAPING:  There is no designated space for teams or fans to videotape from. Paying spectators, including anyone filming for scouting purposes, are not restricted from videotaping as long as the video equipment is hand held.  The use of tripods is prohibited in the stands. The tournament manager will not make special arrangements for seating or electrical hook-up for anyone wishing to videotape. Seating is limited in the press box and teams will be prohibited from taping in the press box.

QUARTERFINALS/SEMIFINALS STREAMED:  The IGHSAU Digital Network powered by MidAmerican Energy will stream the state quarterfinals and semifinals on the IGHSAU website in the Soccer Tournament Central tab.  

CHAMPIONSHIPS MATCHES ON IOWA PUBLIC TELEVISION: The championship matches will be broadcasted and streamed live on Iowa Public Television.  Links to the stream will be posted on the IGHSAU website in the Soccer Tournament Central tab.

FARM BUREAU SOUVENIR BALLS:  Each team participating in this year’s state tournament will receive 24 souvenir soccer balls from Farm Bureau for players and coaches.  The souvenir soccer ball shipment has been delayed by the manufacturer.  The IGHSAU will ship the soccer balls to your high school (to the attention of the athletic director) as soon as we receive them, which we are told will be within two weeks. Additional balls may be purchased by your school for $25 each by contacting Monte Wilson ( at the state office.

 Please contact Lisa Brinkmeyer ( with questions regarding the State Soccer Tournament.

 Congratulations and good luck!

 Lisa Brinkmeyer
Assistant Director/Soccer Administrator