Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Minutes

May 1, 2019
Iowa Hall of Pride, Des Moines

Meeting was called to order with the following members present: Sydney Lane, Carly Campbell, Faith Carpenter, Halle Brester, Jasmine Rumley, Payton Douglass, Reegan Zinkula, Maddie Peterson, Riley Bell.  Lisa Brinkmeyer and Gary Ross represented the IGHSAU.

Committee members were split into four groups.  Each group was given clues for an Iowa Hall of Pride scavenger hunt.  The activity was fun and helped the members learn about Iowa and those featured.

The Committee was asked for feedback about their State Basketball Tournament experience.  All Committee members who assisted with the State Basketball Tournament said it was a fun experience and encouraged the IGHSAU to continue using them at State events.  Brinkmeyer asked for ideas to make their experience better.  Several Committee members suggested having more tasks for them to do during their time.  Shifts earlier in the week were busier because it was teams’ first time at State.  Later in the week teams knew their routine and assistance was not needed.  Brinkmeyer said the staff will discuss ways to better utilize the Committee members at State events (ambassadors, assist with contests, assist media relations, etc.)

Brinkmeyer asked for feedback from those as the State Tournament about the Student Athlete Advisory Committee Sportsmanship messages on the video board preceding each game.  The Committee felt they were beneficial. Brinkmeyer stated the videos will be used at other IGHSAU events.  Committee members would like the sportsmanship verbiage sent to schools for them to use at their sporting events. Brinkmeyer said she would email the document to all athletic directors.

The Committee discussed the Iowa Girl poster that was developed at the February meeting. The Committee would like to use that poster for the 2019-20 school year.  It was suggested each year at the January meeting the Committee can create a new poster to be circulated the following school year.

Brinkmeyer asked for feedback about the Spirit Competition the Committee created for the State Basketball Tournament.  Those that helped with the competition thought it was a good addition but acknowledged that some schools put more preparation into it than others.  They would like to continue with something similar at the State Volleyball Tournament.  It was decided by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee that this would be a good event for them to focus on while working at the tournament. 

In addition to the current responsibilities, the Committee agreed that each member should share information discussed following each meeting with their athletic director. Also, each member must present information and their involvement with Student Athlete Advisory Committee to their school board on an annual basis. 

The Committee was asked to review all aspects of the inaugural year of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. The Committee asked to keep meetings on Wednesdays and the 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. time frame.  Brinkmeyer asked for feedback about the number and dates of the meetings.  The Committee favored keeping meetings in early September, mid-January and early May.  When asked if they would like to add a summer meeting, the Committee did not favor the idea due to limited available time. The Committee wanted to keep the Committee requirement of working the State Volleyball and Basketball Tournaments.  It was suggested to keep the option for the Committee members to assist with other State Tournaments as their schedule allows.

 Ross asked the Committee for feedback regarding our state tournament awards.  The Committee was shown the current participation award (medallion and stand) and a previous participation plaque. The Committee suggested the IGHSAU pick a participation award and stay with it for several years. Many said uniformity of the awards was important.  They favored the plaques over the medallions and suggested going back to the plaque but changing the plaque design every few years rather than changing to something besides a plaque. The Committee unanimously liked the state trophies.

Brinkmeyer informed the Committee about the AdHoc Committee study and progress. The Committee unanimously supported a dead week in late July. They supported the shorter track and field season. Zinkula supported leaving girls’ tennis in the spring.  Rumley expressed concern with the proposed one-week overlap of the boys’ and girls’ swimming seasons because pool sharing would be difficult. Campbell liked the proposed overlap of girls’ and boys’ state soccer tourney because it would eliminate one more week of overlapping practices.

Ross asked the Committee for feedback concerning coach/player contact out of season. Douglass expressed concern of coaches possibly taking advantage of the opportunity. Bell was concerned that coaches would schedule their “contact hours” on Sundays rather than a week night to ensure they get the full time.  Several Committee members felt athletes would feel more pressure to attend rather than it being optional like an open gym. 

Lane and Bell felt it might be beneficial to open up limited contact for softball players during the school year.  Multiple Committee members expressed concern with opening up too much time in the spring as athletes will get burned out leading up to their season.

Douglass asked if the IGHSAU could do more to assist with concussion education with student-athletes.  Several Committee members added that concussion education is needed for student-athletes because some are “getting around” the concussion protocol.  Ross shared the current requirements for all coaches for concussion training requirements. Douglass suggested the IGHSAU create a short video (or use one already produced) for student-athletes and their parents to view prior to their season to show concussion signs/symptoms and the repercussions of undiagnosed concussions. Multiple Committee members shared examples of athletes in their schools with multiple concussions who circumvented the protocol and are still competing. Zinkula said that if the video even helped one athlete from suffering the effects of multiple concussions it would be worthwhile.  Brinkmeyer asked the Committee if they would like to add concussion awareness to their list of projects and they said yes.

 Brinkmeyer thanked the seniors for their service to the Committee and wished them well with their future endeavors.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm. The next meeting will be at 10:00 a.m. at the State Office with a September date TBD.

Lisa Brinkmeyer