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This month's Health & Wellness Corner written by Claire Hansen, Waukee APEX Associate

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation and exercise that many people still do today because of the numerous benefits. Yoga is beneficial both physically and mentally. Many yoga sessions include meditation and deep breathing exercises to help relieve stress and tension. Yoga has been shown to increase concentration and body awareness, as doing yoga requires you to be present in the moment. It is not about physical appearance, rather the connection and awareness of one's own body. Being in tune with your body creates mindful eating habits and higher self-confidence. Not only does yoga help relieve tension mentally, but it improves physical strength too. Regularly practicing yoga can increase muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. There are many different types of yoga and yoga poses, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Simple Yoga Poses

There are many different yoga poses, but here are a few beginner-level poses to try:

Downward Dog

Downward dog stretches your hamstrings, arms, and lengthens the spine

Child Pose

This is a calming pose; your forehead and hands should touch the mat. This pose is helpful for neck and back pain.


Your back and hips should be aligned in this pose. This will help improve stability and balance.


The chair yoga pose strengthens leg muscles, hip flexors, back, and ankles. It also stretches your shoulders and chest.


Yoga - Benefits Beyond the Mat

15 Yoga Poses and Their Benefits to Your Body

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