Season Information 

Dates & Guidelines

The following dates and guidelines are approved for the 2020-21 school year.

  • First practice: Monday, March 15
  • First meet: Wednesday, March 24
  • Playing dates: 12 per level of competition
  • Scrimmage dates: 1 per school
  • QuikStats reporting dates: QuikStats will be checked every Tuesday during the regular season
  • Regional golf meets:
    First round: May 17 -  Classes 1A & 2A
    Second round: May 24 - All classes
  • Girls state meet: June 1-2

If a meet is canceled due to weather prior to completion, the schools should attempt to find a date to make-up or complete the meet. If no date can be found, each school involved can enter another meet to take the place of the one which was not completed.

Individual Limitations

The maximum number of dates of high school competition (grades 9–12) a girl can play is 12.