Season Information 

Dates & Guidelines

The following dates and guidelines are approved for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • First practice: Monday, May 6
  • First game: Monday, May 20
  • First tournament: Friday, May 23
  • Playing dates: 40 games
  • Scrimmages: 3
  • Regional Tournament Dates:
    Class 1A and 2A: July 8, 10, 12, 15
    Class 3A: July  10, 12, 15
    Class 4A and 5A: July 11, 13, 16
  • State Tournament: July 22-26 in Fort Dodge for all classes
  • Official tournament ball: Dudley SB 12L RF Y FP — Red stitch (.47 COR)
  • QuikStats reporting dates: QuikStats will be checked every Tuesday during the regular season

Individual and Team Limitations

Pitchers and catchers may voluntarily practice pitching under a coach’s supervision at any time during the year using equipment required for their positions (balls, gloves, pitching rubbers, mounds, plates and catcher’s equipment. No bats, helmets or pitching machines are allowed.)

 A team is permitted to play no more than three games in any single day. Tournaments may include no more than 16 teams. No more than four games per team may be played in any tournament. A school may play in only one tournament at a time and play no more than three games on a calendar day. No junior varsity teams are allowed in varsity tournaments except in emergency situations (must be approved by the IGHSAU).

Eighth grade students are eligible to practice (including scrimmages) with the high school team on May 6 and compete on May 20. Eighth graders may compete on the junior high team, high school team or both. If competing in junior high and high school, they may play in only three games on a calendar day. Their season limitation is 65 total games. Graduated sixth graders may participate (practice or play) on the junior high team once their sixth grade school year is completed. Individuals may play a maximum of 65 games and play in only three games per day (includes all levels of play).

Academic Eligibility

Academic eligibility resumes at 12:01 a.m. on June 19.