Welcome to the IGHSAU Officials site!

The Iowa Center for Officials Services (ICOS) will continue to use Dragonfly to offer all necessary services to officials for both the IGHSAU and the IHSAA:

  • registration for all girls' and boys' sports
  • rules exams
  • educational materials
  • assignments for post season
  • assessments
  • communication and scheduling
  • payments


  1. Complete the DragonFly registration process, including paying the fee for the sport you wish to officiate
  2. Take the Iowa Rules Meeting for each sport you wish to officiate
  3. Pass the sport-specific exam with score of 75% or better
  4. Attend a sport-specific clinic (post-season officiating requirement)

All Iowa Rules Meetings and Exams are found through your DragonFly profile under "Today" and then "Complete your registration".


Create a DragonFly Account:

  1. Go to DragonFlyMax.com
  2. Click “Login / Sign Up” in upper right corner (red box)
  3. Click “Sign Up for Free”...or log-in to your existing account 
  4. Enter Name, Email, and Password (password must be 8 characters long, and contain at least 3 of the following: symbol, number, upper case letter, lower case letter)
  5. A verification code will be sent to your email address you used to register. Use the verification number in the email and enter it into the DragonFly verification box.


  1. Click “Get Started” > “Official” > “Contest Official” > “Add Contest Official
  2. Select “Iowa” > “Pick State
  3. Select “IHSAA-IGHSAU | Iowa Center for Official Services” > “Join
  4. Select the sports you’re interested in officiating > “Add Sport(s)
  5. Select an official’s association if you are a part of one OR select the top option (Not In an Association) > “Add Group” …. Or select “Skip” to navigate through each sport you selected.
  6. Review your information. Click “Save

Update Contact Information

  1. Click “My Information” under your "Registration Status for [your name]." 
  2. Click “Needs Update” (Red Box). Enter required information: address, contact info, etc.
  3. Click “Add a new Emergency Contact” to add contact
  4. Top / left of screen > Click “General Info”. Enter needed information. Click "DONE

Update and Confirm Sports

  • Each year, officials will need to confirm what sports they would like to officiate
  • Officials may delete or add sports based on their preferences
  • To do this, go to "Complete your Registration" and confirm your sports
  • You will then be able to pay the fees for the sports your would like to officiate and you will see the rules meeting and exams for the sports that have opened up. 

Complete Your Registration

  1. On the left side tabs, click “Today”
  2. Click “Complete Your Registration”
  3. Click “Start” red boxes for necessary field
    1. Criminal History Report
    2. Sport specific Rules Meetings
    3. Sport specific Exams
    4. Pay Fees (bottom)
  4. As you complete the needed tasks, red boxes on the right will turn Green.

Receiving Books and Badges

  • All first-year officials in each sport will receive a rule book after paying their fee
  • All other officials will receive new books on a two year rotation
  • Online versions of rule books and case books can be accessed through the NFHS All Access app. Please email Elise Boulton at [email protected] to gain access to the online version of a rule book or case book.
  • Registering early ensures that you will receive all correspondence timely and your rulebook prior to the rules meeting and exam being released. 
  • Badges can be purchased for $5 each by emailing Kiersten at [email protected] or by going to the IGHSAU Offices (5000 Westown Parkway, Suite 150, West Des Moines, IA 50266) 

Blocking Dates for the Postseason

When preparing for postseason officiating, please be sure to block any dates you are not available to officiate. The directions to do so are below. When blocking dates, please block any dates you are not available for various reasons such as work, family outings, vacations, and special occasions.

  • Login to DragonFly and go to My Assignments
  • Create a block
  • Scroll down and choose the dates and times that you are not available to block
  • Choose a group ( IHSAA- IGHSAU Center for Official Services)
  • Choose the sport you are blocking dates for
  • Scroll down to type the dates and times you are not available
  • If the block changes, please manually change it as listed above. 

If you have any questions, please contact Elise Boulton at [email protected] or  515-401-1843.