Darby is an amazing young lady who has worked through two deaths of important people in her life during her high school career. First, her dad passed away when she was a freshman. Darby was able to work through this loss and compete at a very high level at the end of her freshman year. During her sophomore year, she lost a former teammate due to a hit and run accident (Mercedes Hart). This was a very difficult time for Darby as this young lady had been a role model, friend, and relay team member. Many kids would lose focus and say "poor me". Instead, Darby rose above and rechanneled the sense of loss into competing at a level that would have made her dad and Mercedes proud of her efforts. She runs and jumps in honor and in memory of these two individuals. This past year as a junior, Darby was was the long jump state champion.

-submitted by Deb Masker

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