AD’S and Coaches:

I hope you have had a great holiday season - Happy New Year to you and your families!!  The year 2019 is ushering in some great basketball. As we all know after the holidays and the Christmas break, teams begin to think about conference championships and seeding for tournament purposes.  The IGHSAU staff has enjoyed getting out to games and watching some of the games during the season.  We are always impressed with the tremendous job that our coaches and administrators are doing with our schools and athletic programs.  Keep up the awesome job!!  The following information should help each of you as we prepare for the post-season.  In addition, the latest official’s memo has been included within this memo.  It is important that the coaches and athletic administrators are aware of some focus points that are being shared with the basketball officials.

  1. QuikStats – A reminder that updates are required by Tuesday at noon of each week.
  2. Rankings – Weekly rankings will continue each Thursday of the season. The next set of rankings will be released Thursday, January 10, 2019.
  3. Regional Assignments – Classes 1A, 2A, and 3A assignments will be posted in the latter part of the week of January 21, 2019. Classes 4A and 5A will be posted in the latter part of the week of January 28, 2019.
  4. Site availability – if you have not yet completed the site availability schedule for the post-season basketball games, please complete that by January 10, 2019. We will be posting the current list on the IGHSAU website for you to check what has been submitted (please check on Monday, January 7, 2019.
  5. Post-season information – in the next couple of weeks, regional rosters and site host checklist information will be posted on the website as we get closer to the post-season. A reminder:  regional tickets for hosts will not be sent from the IGHSAU.  Host sites will be allowed to use your regular season tickets for the regional games.  If you would like the IGHSAU to mail regional tickets to your school, please contact Sherry at sherry@ighsau.org.

With this being the 100th year of girls basketball in Iowa, the IGHSAU has some exciting plans for this year’s state girls basketball tournament.  Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the state tournament.As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with me. 

Gary Ross

Associate Director and Basketball Administrator          


  • Head Coaches and Communication –Officials: we ask you NOT to talk with head coaches or attempt to explain a call when the ball is in play- we have a job to do and that is officiate the game!!  If you feel an explanation is necessary, wait for a dead ball situation and then explain- otherwise continue to officiate.  We want communication between the head coach and the officials, but there is a time to communicate and a time to officiate.
  • Traveling - To be effective in officiating traveling, you must know which foot is the pivot foot - be sure that you are aware of which foot is the pivot foot. One thing that will help is when in your primary area you officiate “feet up on the catch.” Get your best angle to get a full view of the entire play.  Study jump stops, starting and ending a dribble, interrupted dribbles, and when a player goes to the floor with the ball what is the appropriate call to be made.
  • Reporting fouls and getting to the reporting area - When you are the calling official and you have made sure that your partners know what you have called (who created the foul, and who the shooter will be), you are ready to report to the table.  Get to the reporting area in a brisk manner or at least move with purpose to this reporting area - STOP, give the number(s) of the player who the foul was on, signal what type of foul it was, and if shooting free throws how many free throws will be taken, then move to your area of next responsibility.
  • Contact on shooters - Be relentless in officiating contact on shooters and dribblers- GET the FIRST CONTACT and you will have a great game. Stay with the shooter on 3-point shots and watch for contact after the shot.
  • Coverage - Make a commitment to NOT “fish outside of your pond “(Cover your area of responsibility), Be ready to help if needed.
  • Feedback - Observers (for the most part) have been impressed with the official’s efforts willingness to improve. Officials: Always remember that without you and your hard work neither the IGHSAU or the IHSAA could offer this educational experience for these fabulous young student athletes!!!  

Chuck Brittain, IGHSAU Coordinator of Basketball Officials

Gary Ross, IGHSAU Associate Director and Basketball Administrator

Brett Nanninga, IHSAA Associate Director and Basketball Administrator

Lewie Curtis, IHSAA Director of Officials