Wow!  This has been quite a few weeks of crazy weather that the state has had.  This has had an impact upon schools as well as the basketball season.  I have received a number of calls regarding some different questions.  The following should help as you look to finish out the regular season:

What is the last date in which we can make up a game?  All games must be finished by the end of the girl’s state basketball tournament.  If you receive a first round bye and your desired opponent also has a first round bye, you can play the game after other schools have already begun regional play.  Similarly, if two teams have lost in the regionals, they may play once they have been eliminated if they so desire.  Please note that the IGHSAU would hopefully be able to have the officials available to use for our post-season.

Can we play two games against two different opponents on the same day?  Yes, you can.  An individual player can play in a maximum of eight quarters in a day – this would count as two games played.

If we have another opponent scheduled to play, can we drop that opponent to play another opponent?  The IGHSAU discourages this unless the two schools mutually agree that it is in the best interest of both schools to cancel the game.  Sometimes both schools have to reschedule conference games to determine conference championships and are backed up with games.  I don’t think it is a good practice to have one of the schools contact the other and say “we are going to cancel the game”.  The other school may have had senior night scheduled, expecting a home game, or have other reasons in which to play.  A better practice would be to have the two schools visit about this and, if mutually agreed to cancel, that is the local school’s decision.

Will the regional games be delayed a week due to the weather?  No, the regional assignments and scheduled games will occur as has been posted for obvious reasons.