Girls Soccer Memo #2

April 25, 2018

Spring has finally reached Iowa!  Hopefully the last traces of snow have left the soccer fields and we can be done with cancellations and postponements.

SITE AVAILABILITY: If you would like your soccer complex considered for a Regional Tournament site, please have your athletic director complete the site availability form on our website ( by 8am on April 26th.

REGIONAL SOCCER PAIRINGS:  Regional soccer pairings will be released the week of May 7th.  The Regional pairings will be listed on the IGHSAU website.  

EJECTIONS: Ejections (players and coaches) must be reported to the IGHSAU the following business day of the ejection.  Local administration must meet with the offender and file the ejection form with the IGHSAU. (Ejection form is located under the Coaches & Administrators tab in the Documents and Forms section.)  The offender must also file a written summary of the events that led up to the ejection.  The normal penalty for a first offence is a ONE DATE suspension. However, a lesser or more severe penalty may apply upon review of the incident.  FYI…If a player/coach is ejected from a match on a Tuesday and their next playing date is a Saturday tournament, the ejected player/coach will miss all matches played on that Saturday because it is the next playing date.

BALL HOLDERS:  Make sure you have at least two ball holders available for your home matches.  Rule 6.1.1 At least two ball holders shall be provided by the home team.  If the home team cannot provide ball holders, the visiting team may.

QUIKSTATS:  There was a glitch with QuikStats entries last week, however everything is fixed now. Remembervarsity coaches are required to have their individual game results updated on QuikStats every Tuesday during the regular season.  Coaches are also expected to update their QuikStats throughout the Regional Tournament series. Failure to submit the required information by the mandatory dates may result in the suspension of the head coach.

QUIKSTAT NOTES:  Please remember, a game decided with penalty kicks should not be recorded as a tie. Example:A match is tied 2-2 and goes to penalty kicks. Team A wins in penalty kicks 4-0, the final score should be entered into QuikStats as Team A winning 3-2.
GOALKEEPING STATS:  Goals surrendered in penalty kicks should not be entered into QuikStats as goals allowed. Using the same example as above, the goalkeeper on Team B gave up just two goals - not six (penalty kicks do not count as goals).  For the above example, the coach should enter two goals in the Goals Against section in the goalkeeper stats. 

SHOUT OUTS:  The IGHSAU enjoys recognizing superlative accomplishments from our female student-athletes. If you have a significant accomplishment you would like to mention (school record broken, coaching milestone wins, etc.), let us know and we will do our best to mention your athletes' accomplishments on our Twitter account.  Feel free to email Jason Eslinger any news at [email protected].

ON-LINE GAME REPORT:  Don’t forget to fill out the 12-question form following each of your soccer games. The post-game soccer survey link is located on the IGHSAU website under the Coaches & Administrators tab in the Soccer section.

FIELD MARKINGS:  We have had several calls about fields being mismarked and fields missing markings.  We realize the harsh spring weather has impacted this some, however we would like you to make sure all markings are visible and correct.  FYI…The team box area is located 10 feet from the touch line and located 10 yards on either side of the halfway line.  It is 20 yards long and really has no depth.  Schools playing on grass field should use paint to mark this area unless permanent boundaries require the use of pylons or other visible marks.  Schools using artificial grass fields should use pylons or other clearly visible marks to distinguish the team and coaching area.

OFFICIALS POSTGAME:  It is the expectation of the IHSAA, IGHSAU, and the IRC that the officiating crew leave the field IMMEDIATELY upon the conclusion of the match. There is no need to be on the field at the conclusion of the match to shake hands or "fist bump" teams. 

STATE TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE:  Cownie Soccer Complex (Des Moines), June 7 – 9

Thursday, June 7

Class 1A                   Class 2A                   Class 3A

11:00am                    1:30pm                      4:00pm

11:15am                    1:45pm                      4:15pm

11:30am                    2:00pm                      4:30pm

11:45am                    2:15pm                      4:45pm

Friday, June 8

Class 1A                   Class 2A                   Class 3A

11:00am                    1:30pm                      4:00pm

11:15am                    1:45pm                      4:15pm

Saturday, June 9

Class 1A                   Class 2A                   Class 3A

10:00am                    12:30pm                    3:00pm

If you have questions or comments, please contact Lisa Brinkmeyer at [email protected] or 515-401-1835. Best of luck with the remainder of your season!

Lisa Brinkmeyer
IGHSAU Assistant Director/Soccer Administrator