The following resources are provided to schools for review by sports medicine and athletic training staff.  Thanks to Dr. Nate Newman, Program Director and Associate Professor of Athletic Training at Drake University for his work in compiling this information.

This information is provided for your own review and information.  Please consult with a licensed medical provider for your school-specific plans.

Signage created for schools:

CDC for cleaning and disinfection guidance:

 Safe and correct use of disinfectants:

Products that meet the EPA criteria for use against the COVID-19 virus:

Summer Sport Guidance Documents for Trainers and Medical Personnel:

COVID-19 Questions for Students

COVID-19 Monitoring Form (downloads a Microsoft Word document to your desktop)

UMPC Guidelines for High Schools 

NFHS Guidance for Opening Up High School Athletics & Activities

Beat the Heat - Dehydration & Illness Guidance

NATA COVID-19 Guide for High School Trainers 

Sample Return to Activity Form

NATA Key Facts About DeTraining

NATA Temperature Flow Chart