2018 State Swimming Qualifying Standards

200 Freestyle:                                   1:57.36

200 Individual Medley:                    2:14.52

50 Freestyle:                                     24.87

100 Butterfly:                                    1:00.42

100 Freestyle:                                   54.54

500 Freestyle:                                   5:19.80

100 Backstroke:                               1:00.64

100 Breaststroke:                             1:09.09

The standard time is the average of the 16th place time (the last scoring position) from the last five IGHSAU State Swimming and Diving Meets in each individual event. Swimmers can qualify for the state meet if this standard is achieved at an official IGHSAU-sanctioned meet in a fully-automatic (FAT) yard pool in the regular season or at the 2018 regional meets. All times must be verified in QuikStats. Times from lead-off legs in relays are eligible as long as the time is fully automatic (FAT).

Relays do not have qualifying standards. Regional meet relay champions, plus the next 26 fastest times, qualify for the state meet.

Divers do not have qualifying standards. Regional meet champions, plus the next 26 best scores, qualify for the state meet.

Reaching a time standard: Coaches that have swimmers reach the time standard are asked to notify me at jasoneslinger@ighsau.org. I will keep a list online of automatic qualifiers and their times on the IGHSAU website during the regular season that will be updated on a regular basis.

Auto qualifiers at the Regional/State Meet: Coaches will need to enter swimmers and divers in the regional meet regardless if the swimmers have met the qualifying standard. Swimmers must be entered into the regional meet to compete at the state meet. Athletes must also compete and legally finish in the event at regionals to qualify for State. If a swimmer is disqualified at the regional meet or does not finish the regional event, they will not be allowed to compete in that event at the State Meet even if they had achieved the qualifying standard during the regular season. If a swimmer automatically qualifies in an event during the regular season but is not entered in that event at the regional meet, she cannot compete in that event in the state meet.

Question 1: Team A has four girls that have reached the qualifying standard for the 50 freestyle during the regular season. Can all four girls compete in the 50 freestyle at the state meet? Answer: No. The school is allowed three entries in each regional event and all three swimmers must be entered into the regional meet in the 50 free and successfully start and finish the race to compete in the State Swimming Prelim Meet the following week.

Question 2: Mera reaches the qualifying standard in three individual events during the regular season; the 50 free, 100 free and 200 free. Her coach enters her in the 50 free and 100 free for the regional meet. At the regional meet, Mera false starts in the 50 free and is disqualified. Can Mera compete in the 200 freestyle since she reached the qualifying standard during the regular season?  Answer: No. Mera was not entered in the 200 freestyle at the regional meet and did not swim in the 200 freestyle at the regional meet. She must be entered and legally finish to compete at next week’s state meet. Also, Mera does not qualify for the 50 free since she was disqualified in the regional event.

Question 3: Mallory competes in the regional meet and is the regional champion despite not reaching the state qualifying time standard all year. Does Mallory still qualify for the State Meet?  Answer: Yes. All regional champions, regardless of time, qualify for the State Meet. At the completion of the regional meet, the entries that have achieved the qualifying time standard and successfully competed in the regional meet are automatic qualifiers. If there are not 32 swimmers that have reached the qualifying standard, the next fastest times to 32 from the regional meet will be used to fill out the field of 32 (just like in state qualifying meets).  If the field of state qualifiers surpasses 32 swimmers, extra preliminary heats will be added.