Hey Iowa seniors. I’m sure you’ve already heard.

But in case you haven’t, or just straight up don’t believe it, spring has been canceled.

We’re not going back to the hallways, classrooms or facilities we spent so much of our days in. We’re not going back to our teachers, fellow seniors and underclassmen we were still getting to know. We’re not going back to the gym, track, stage or field we found such joy on.

We didn’t get to know when our finale would be. That luxury was taken away.

But the thing is guys, I’m a senior, just like you, so I’m feeling what you’re feeling.

And as a member of this class, I feel a responsibility to remind you:

We were made for this. This didn’t happen to just any class. It happened to ours. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and today’s reason is we were made for this.

We were made to be able to make the most of this. We were made with the ability to find the positives amid the sadness. We were made to be able to carry this responsibility — to use this time and stretch the possibilities for potential good to the limit.

We were made, as this year’s senior class, with the chance to make an impact. With a chance to impress a different mind-set.

We’re in this together. All of us.

Which is good, because today sucks all the way around. But there is too much opportunity at the moment and in the coming days to let it go to waste.

This class has too much determination in their bones to let that happen.

This class is strong. This class is smart. And this class was made with a specific purpose in mind.

Years from now, this time in history will still come up in conversation. And to be a senior in this time will automatically make you stand out.

But is that where your standing out will end? Or will you be able to share about being part of a time of coming together? Of support? Of an overall determination to find the good in a time of loss?

Will you dedicate time to loving your family better?

Will you make the effort to stay in touch with friends who also are hurting?

Will you send a letter, text or email to that teacher to let them know how much they impacted your days at school?

Will you check up on your teammates? The ones you’re close to — and the ones you’re not?

Will you, Class of 2020, help me make the most of these sour lemons?

Because what better way to honor our class — and all that we have and are going to accomplish — then to squeeze these bad lemons into lemonade and live each of the coming days to its fullest.

--Written by Lauren Dufoe, Center Point-Urbana Class of 2020