The Health & Wellness Corner is brought to you on a monthly basis by students in Waukee High School's APEX program. In consultation with fitness experts from Premier Athlete Training, students research a variety of health & wellness topics focused on improving the well-being of student-athletes. We'll also share a new a variety of fitness tips every month related to the primary topic discussed.

This month's Health & Wellness Corner written by Emma Clayton, Waukee APEX Associate

The Importance of Balance

Why is it important to incorporate balance into your training?

  • Use your strength to its highest potential
    • Without balance the strength you’ve built up won’t be as effective
  • Maintain skill and activity
    • Adding balance training will help you keep your skills even in the offseason
  • Better reactions
    • Good balance will allow your body to react better when something goes wrong
  • Improve your posture
    • Ignites a muscular and skeletal balance that protects from injury
  • Improve an athletes confidence
    • Successfully doing balance exercises can boost an athlete's confidence while performing
  • Lower risk of injuries
    • Risk of injury is lower because good balance reduces any unnecessary effort when playing or practicing
  • More control over your body
    • You will have a clear mind and be more focused

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