Weekly Training Tip #17 - 4 Corner Drill

A change of direction drill that focuses on an athlete's ability to move through multiple planes of movement while keeping their eyes and torso open. During this drill, athletes improve "open hip running". This is when an athlete is running in one direction while keeping their chest square to something in front of them. It is especially beneficial for sports that involve a defensive component such as basketball, soccer, and softball. The drill starts with the athlete in between 4 cones set in a square. The coach will be pointing to each cone one at a time. The athlete then sprints to the cone and touches it while working to maintain their chest and eyes open and fixated on the coach. The athlete then touches at the cone and sprints back to the center. Anytime the athlete is moving away from the coach, they should be open hip running. 4 corner drill is a useful tool for all ages and skill levels. To progress the drill, increase the number of touches per drill, or add a cones along the sides and mix in shuffling to those cones while maintaining the sprints to the corners. Cones can also be added in the front and back to incorporate forward sprints and back peddles.

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