Weekly Training Tip #18 - Iso Lunge Hold

The iso lunge hold is an isometric exercise that focuses on increasing strength at the bottom of the split position. This is what we see in other split movements such as split squats. This is a great accessory exercise or finisher to incorporate into weight room sessions. By increasing strength at the bottom of the split position, it will help increase an athlete's stability and drive from the bottom of their split squats, as well as increase control in that same position in sport. The split position is seen in most sports. Having strength through a full range of motion is beneficial for performance. It is important to note that isometric exercises are specific to the joint angle they are being performed at. For this reason, iso lunge holds should not be used to replace split squats in a program but used in conjunction to strengthen the full movement. With the movement using body weight resistance, it is appropriate for all age and skill levels. On average, holds should last between 15-20 seconds and progress as strength increases.

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