Weekly Training Tip #27 - Depth Jump

Depth Jumps/Drops are great plyometric exercises to learn proper landing mechanics. Incorporate jumps immediately after landing to increase explosive power and reduce the amortization phase of jumping. They work by overloading a jump preload by increasing impact momentum and training a larger redirection and application of force. This larger change in momentum creates an impulse that trains the athlete to physiologically absorb and redirect more force and neurologically to produce that force more rapidly. This is an extremely effective exercise to improve power based movements like jumping, sprinting, and changing direction. This is a more taxing exercise, however, so it should be programmed for lower volumes with longer rest periods at a moderate to low frequency. It is also important to progress to this movement gradually over time by introducing less impactful plyometric exercises, then slowly increasing impact momentum through variations or box heights once a sufficient weekly training volume is achieved.

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