Online Rules Meeting:  All head varsity golf coaches must view the online Coaches Rules Meeting by April 6th or prior to your first meet if it is before April 6th.  Failure by any head golf coach to view the online rules meeting may result in a sanction against that coach. The Golf Coaches' Rules Meeting will be available on the IGHSAU website in Coaches' Golf section the week of March 5th.  
Practice and Playing Dates: First Practice Date: March 12 First Competition Date: March 21  
2018 Classification (NEW for 2018): Class 4A – 50 teams Class 3A – 60 teams Class 2A – 80 teams Class 1A – 121 teams (approximate)  
Regional Tournament Dates: Classes 1A and 2A: May 14, May 21 Classes 3A and 4A: May 21  
State Tournament – May 29 – May 30: The tournament will have a 9:00 a.m. shotgun start on Day 1 and will use tee times for Day 2. Each qualifying school is allowed to play six golfers in the State Tournament. The four best scores are used to determine the total score for each school.  A school entering less than four golfers in the State Tournament may compete for individual honors, but not team honors.  
Co-Ed Tournament - June 5: The tournament will be a 9:00 a.m. shotgun start. 1A (Schools with BEDS number 349 & lower): American Legion Golf Course, Marshalltown 2A (Schools with BEDS number 350 & higher): Coldwater Golf Links, Ames Schools must register and submit the names of the team(s) for the Co-ed Tournament by May 31st. The registration form is located on the IGHSAU and IHSAA websites. The golf format is alternate shot.  
Playing Dates: Each school is allowed 12 dates of competition during the season. No scrimmages are allowed.

Attire (NEW for 2018): All varsity participants in regular season and tournament competition must wear the same (color and style) school-issued or school-approved golf uniform shirt (collared or mock-collared), during competition. Due to adverse weather conditions, if an individual VARSITY player desires to wear clothing (jacket/sweatshirt) over the top of her shirt, the jacket/sweatshirt does not need to be the same as her teammates. All attire worn at all levels shall be school-approved and have no alcohol, tobacco or any inappropriate graphic on the clothing. Please remember the only attire that needs to be the same is the collared or mock-collared shirt on each varsity participant.  

Range Finding Devices: Range finding devices are permitted during the regular season and throughout the IGHSAU tournament series.  A player may obtain distance information ONLY from the range finding device they are using. Cell phones (including distance apps) are not permitted during competition.  Devices designed to measure conditions other than distance are permitted, PROVIDED the golfer only uses the device for distance measurement and not for the following banned functions, which include but are not limited to, wind speed, slope or club selection. Penalty - The first time the golfer uses a banned function on the range finder (any function besides distance), she will be assessed a two-stroke penalty.  Any subsequent use during that round will result in disqualification.  Players and school-appointed, certified coaches (coaches that are permitted to coach tee to green) are encouraged to share distance information upon request.  A player with a range finder may shoot distance from their position on the course and relay that information upon request to another player, PROVIDED the process does not delay play.  Spectators are not allowed to provide or assist golfers with distance information. 

Site Availability: If you would like your course considered for a Regional Tournament site, please have your athletic director fill out the site availability form on our website ( in the Online Forms section by April 9th.
 QuikStats (NEW for 2018): Varsity coaches are required to submit their varsity roster and schedule through before March 21st. Varsity coaches are now required to have their individual meet results updated on QuikStats every Tuesday during the regular season.  Coaches are also expected to update their Quikstats throughout the Regional Tournament series. Failure to submit the required information by the mandatory dates may result in the suspension of the coach.  

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: The use of cell phones, iPods, tablets or other electronic devices by participants during competition will result in disqualification. Participants may use their cell phones once they have completed their rounds and have turned in their scorecard to the scoring officials. Spectators must also refrain from speaking on their cell phones on the course.  Spectators are allowed to speak on their cell phones in and around the clubhouse. In the event of an emergency or suspension of play, it is permissible for a golfers and spectators to use their cell phones on the course.  

Motorized Cart Request Policy:  Motorized carts and caddies are prohibited. Use of non-motorized pull or push carts are allowed throughout the entire season.  Requests for use of a motorized golf cart during regular and postseason competition must be due to a disability, and will be evaluated by the IGHSAU on a case-by-case basis.  Transitory illnesses and injuries (actual or expected duration of six months or less) do not qualify under the ADA as a disability and thus would not qualify for use of a motorized cart. Athletic directors must submit the request for golf cart use and documentation from the golfer’s physician stating the disability and the extent to which it prevents the golfer from walking during competition.  Upon receipt of the request, the IGHSAU will notify the school in writing of approval or declination.  

Rainout Policy:
Regular Season – If a meet is not completed due to weather, it can be postponed or replaced with another meet. For a postponed meet, the golfers can resume the round from their location when it was called or all golfers can start their round over. This is something that should be agreed upon by the participating teams prior to the start of the make-up meet.

Every effort must be made to reschedule the rained out meet.  If a date cannot be found to reschedule the meet, then your school may find another meet to enter to fulfill your 12th date, as your rained out meet becomes void. Make sure you delete the cancelled date from your schedule on QuikStats.  If you replace the cancelled meet, make sure you enter that meet in your QuikStats schedule.

  • Regional Tournament – If you are required to return a second day because of a rainout and you are rained out a second time, and have finished nine holes, those nine holes scores will determine which teams and individuals qualify for the State Tournament. This only occurs for the second time you return. Example 1: Regionals were scheduled for Monday and the meet was rained out. Your team comes back on Tuesday and you are rained out but everyone gets at least nine holes played. Those nine holes on Tuesday will determine the teams and individuals that advance on to the State Tournament. Example 2: Regional play has begun, groups finish at least nine holes and are rained out, everyone returns the next day and begin play from the last completed hole by everyone in your group. If rain again forces competition to end for that day and everyone has not completed competition (nine holes), the first day’s nine holes will determine the teams and individuals that advance to the next level of competition.


  • State Tournament – If eighteen holes are played on the first day and it is impossible to play the second day due to rain, the first eighteen holes will determine the champion. Likewise, if the first day is rained out but weather permits eighteen holes to be completed on the second day, the second day eighteen holes will determine a winner. Under no conditions will competition be held on Sunday. If both days are rained out, then the tournament will be rescheduled by the IGHASU and participating schools will be notified accordingly. When the tournament is rescheduled, competition will be eighteen holes.

 Spectator Regulations: Family, friends, spectators, etc. cannot communicate with participants on the course until the final scorecard has been signed and submitted.  (Walking immediately alongside a player is deemed to be communication.)  Spectators may cheer, applaud and offer words of encouragement to golfers, however spectators must adhere to golf etiquette when doing so.  At no time may spectators provide any type of instruction.  Spectators are allowed to assist a player in looking for a lost ball, but may not offer any rulings.  Spectators should remain in the rough or on the cart paths and keep parallel to the golfers at all times. Spectators must refrain from use of cellular phones on the course but may use them in and around the clubhouse.  Any spectator disrupting play in the opinion of the Rules Committee will be removed from the course.  Competitors may be disqualified if in violation of this rule.  

Golf Regulations: USGA rules will be followed for all regular season and postseason tournament play, unless modified by the local course management or IGHSAU.  Any errors or discrepancies that take place during medal play must be resolved prior to turning in the scorecard. If a discrepancy arises, golfers in the group should make every effort to resolve the discrepancy before playing the next hole. If the discrepancy cannot be resolved, circle the hole/score and at the completion of the round the player involved should not turn in her scorecard until the rules committee has made a ruling.

Coaches on the Course: Coaches are not allowed to play golf on the course during competition/meets.  Penalty is disqualification of all team members. During meets, the IGHSAU strongly encourages coaches to be out on the course coaching their golfers.  While it is understood only the designated Rules Committee makes rulings, it is essential coaches be on the course to help their golfers with situations in an effort to avoid repetition of rule violations.

Coaching Guidelines: Coaching from the TEE TO THE GREEN is permitted at junior high and high school meets. No more than two school-appointed, certified golf coaches per team (head/assistant) are allowed to coach their golfers up until the golfer and golfer’s ball are on the green during postseason competition. One coach is allowed per individual qualifier during the postseason. Coaches are not to assist or instruct a player regarding any putting on the green.  If any part of the golfer’s ball is on the actual green, the ball is considered on the green. Once the golfer arrives at the green (no delay by the golfer) the coach can have no more communication with their golfer until all golfers in the group have holed out. There is to be no delaying of play anywhere when providing instruction during the prescribed coaching time frame. Coaches must adhere to golf etiquette when coaching their playersWhen providing advice, the coach must NOT enter a bunker. This rule will allow coaches an opportunity to address speed of play to golfers if needed.  

Reminder Coaches:  You should not be communicating with your golfer while another golfer in the group is teeing off or putting. You and your golfer should be engaged members of the group during those times.  

Scorecard Signatures: Scorecards must be signed by the golfer whose score is being kept and the person keeping the score. It is no longer a requirement for all golfers in the group to sign the scorecard upon completion of the round.  

Scoring: Each golfer is responsible for the accuracy of her score recorded for each hole.  If she submits a score for any hole lower than actually taken, she is disqualified. If she turns in a score for any hole higher than actually taken, the score stands as submitted. Signed scorecards must be turned in by the golfer to the official scorer immediately following the round.  

Regional/State Tournament Entry Forms: Regional roster forms will be on the IGHSAU website in the golf section.  Schools are required to print, complete and submit the form to their Regional tournament manager seven days prior to the meet. Regional Final forms are to be sent to the tournament manager six days prior to the meet. Schools will be notified of the start time, location and other details pertaining to their Regional tournament by the tournament manager of the region they are assigned. Tournament managers have total liberty in establishing start times. Tournament managers will let each school know of their golf course policy for outside food and beverage.  FYI…outside food and beverage will NOT be allowed at State Golf Tournament venues. Greens Fees: A $10 per participant fee will be assessed to each school for participation in all Regional tournaments, payable directly to the tournament manager (host athletic director), which in turn will be responsible for paying the host course. Tournament managers may request schools make their checks payable to the host course, which is permissible as well. The tournament manager will present the green fees for all participating teams to the course management.  State tournament green fees will be paid to the tournament site by the IGHSAU.

Practice Rounds: Loss of school time for practice rounds is governed by each local district, not the IGHSAU. Coaches must have their school administration’s approval to practice during school time.  Arrangements must be made with the host course concerning time and regulations governing play. All tee times and green fees will be the responsibility of each school/golfers.  

Walking the Course: There is no rule against teams arriving at the Regional/State site to walk the course provided they seek permission from the course management prior to doing so. Players walking the course are not to have clubs with them while they walk the course. Players are not allowed to roll balls on the greens when walking the course. Violation of this rule is disqualification from the tournament.

Regional Advancement (NEW for 2018): The top two teams in each region advance to the next level of play (Regional Finals and/or State Tournament). The top eight individuals (and those tied for 8th place) also advance to the next level of play, regardless if they are on a qualifying team or not. All individual ties must be broken (except for 8th place ties) to determine each golfer’s final rank. Medals for the top eight golfers and State Qualifier banners for the top two teams will be awarded at the end of the Regional Final meet.  

Regional Third Place Team Advancement (NEW for 2018): For the first round of Regionals ONLY (classes 1A and 2A), if the host school (playing on their home course) finishes first or second place in the first round of Regionals, then the third place team will advance to the Regional Final match as well. This new procedure is for the first round of Regionals only. Third place teams will NOT advance to the State Tournament from the Regional Final meet if the host school finishes first or second in that region. Tie-Breaking System for Postseason Tournaments: Team Competition: At the Regional level, the 5th team player scores shall be compared.  If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 6th players. If a tie exists at each of these levels both teams advance. There are no playoffs at Regional Tournaments.   At the State level, the 5th team player scores of day two will be compared.  If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 6th player of day two.  If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 5th player of day one.  If a tie still exists, compare the scores of the 6th player of day one. If a tie still exists it will be broken by a sudden death playoff.  The coach will name four players who will play in the playoff.  All four scores will count.  Starting holes will be determined prior to start of meet.   Medalist Competition: At the Regional level, medalist distribution and place will be determined by a card back starting with the number one handicap hole.  Eight medals will be issued at each Regional meet and awarded according to the tie-breaker system.  All players finishing eighth (or tied for 8th) shall advance.   At the State level, a tie for State Medalist shall be determined by sudden death playoff with the playoff holes posted prior to play.  For individual play, any ties beyond first place would be determined by a card back, starting with the number one handicap hole.   Golfers may use the practice driving range, chipping green and putting green at Regional and State sites, if available, the night before, and the days of the tournament.  

Awards: The Regional Final champion and runner-up will receive a State qualifier banner. The Regional Final team champions will also receive medals.  The top eight individuals at the Regional Final (and those tied for 8th place) will receive medals. REMINDER: Only two teams will advance to the State Tournament from each Regional Final site no matter if the host school (playing on their home course) finishes first or second.  Each State participant team will receive a trophy, which will be presented following the final day’s round.  The top two teams will also receive medals.  The top ten medalist individuals (and those tied for 10th place) will receive medals. Each participant in the State Tournament will also be given a participation award.  

State Tournament Travel Expense: The IGHSAU will reimburse State qualifying schools for travel expenses at the rates of 44¢ per mile one way for individual qualifier(s) and $1.25 per mile one way per team.  

Non-School Team/Individual Awards Rules:  During the School Year:From the first day of school through the last day of school, high school golfers may not accept any award or prize which has a value in excess of $50.00 and NEVER MONEY. Golfers may participate in non-school events during the year, if allowed by local school policy. Those participating must check with their athletic director. Example: Marcy Smith is allowed by her school to play in a four-person best ball tournament in late March. Marcy is playing with three individuals who are out of school, with Marcy being the only high school student. Marcy’s team wins $400.00. Each of the three out-of-school individuals can accept $100.00 cash. Marcy can only receive a gift certificate for $50.00. Marcy should ask the golf course to document what she received and have the course sign that document stating she only received a $50.00 gift certificate. It is advised that she also provide a copy of the document to her athletic director, stating what she accepted. An individual can receive up to $50.00 in gift certificates per tournament. Summer Months: During the summer months, high school golfers may accept any award or prize any amateur golfer is permitted under USGA rules, which is $750.00 – NEVER MONEY.Example: Same scenario as above, but since school is no longer in session Marcy can receive a $100.00 gift certificate, but should again document her winnings and provide a copy for the athletic director. An individual can receive up to $750.00 in gift certificates per tournament.   Golf questions can be directed to Lisa Brinkmeyer, IGHSAU golf administrator at 515-401-1835 or [email protected].