Here is the latest guidance on questions we have received after Governor Reynolds issued a new proclamation yesterday.  This guidance is issued directly from the Governor's Office. Any information contrary to this is incorrect

Q. Can junior high sports now practice?
A. Junior high sports activities would need to comply with all the requirements of section 1, paragraph C of the Governor's Proclamation issued on November 18 ( Health Proclamation - 2020.11.18.pdf)

If all participants (athletes, coaches, or others) in the gathering can maintain six feet of physical distance at all time, the activities could resume. If closer contact is required or reasonably unavoidable, like in a wrestling meet or basketball game, that activity may not take place.  So if the practice can be done maintaining six feet of distance at all times, it could resume. If there are any spectators at the practice, they would be limited to two per athlete. And all non-athletes are required to wear masks.  There is no capacity limit.

Q. If all wear masks, are junior high athletes permitted to scrimmage?
A. No. Only activities where all can maintain six feet of social distancing are permitted.

Q. Does the proclamation include school organized/sponsored junior high activities such as Show Choir?  Or are those still prohibited?
A. Junior high non-athletic extracurricular activities are not prohibited by the proclamation

Q. May youth sports teams use school facilities to practice?
A. Yes, if the team is following all requirements of section 1, paragraph C, including social distancing, spectator limitations, and mask requirement for non-athletes.

Q. Has there been any change in the guidance on tickets for cheerleaders?
A. There has been no change to the governing proclamation language. For a basketball game, only the basketball athletes can have two spectators. Cheerleaders at a cheerleading competition could have spectators.  Similarly, the band cannot have spectators at a basketball game, while it would be entitled to two spectators for a band concert. The contrary guidance was an error.