Several exciting changes are instore for the 2018 Girls’ Golf season. Please review the following changes for the upcoming season. The IGHSAU Board of Directors approved moving from five classes to four classes in golf.  There will be five regional final sites per class. Class 1A will have 15 first round matches (8 teams per site), 2A will have 10 first round matches (8 teams per site), 3A and 4A will have regional final matches only with 12 and 10 teams respectfully at each of their five sites.   The top two finishers from each regional final site will advance to the State Tournament, resulting in the advancement of ten teams in each of the four classes.  In addition to this, the top eight individuals from each regional final site will advance to the state tournament, regardless of team affiliation. These changes will go into effect for the 2017-18 school year. Below is the four-class breakdown: 4A - 50 schools 3A - 60 schools 2A - 80 schools 1A - 120 schools (approximate) The following recommendations will go into effect this school year as well: 
  1. During the first round of regionals only (May 14), if the host team advances to the regional final meet from their home course, then the third place team at that site will advance to the regional final meet as well. Again, this is only for the first round of regionals (Class 1A and Class 2A only).
  2. All varsity participants in regular season and post-season must wear the same (color and style) school issued or school approved golf uniform shirt (collared or mock-collared), during competition. Due to adverse weather conditions, if an individual VARSITY player desires to wear clothing (jacket/sweatshirt) over the top of her shirt, this jacket/sweatshirt does not need to be the same as her teammates. All attire worn at all levels shall be school approved and have no alcohol, tobacco or any inappropriate graphic on the clothing. Please remember the only attire that needs to be the same is the collared or mock-collared shirt on each varsity participant.
The IGHSAU is considering the use of a double tee format start for Day 2 of the state tournament.  Day 1 pairing procedures will continue with a shotgun start.  Day 2 pairing procedures would use a double tee format start. The top five teams and bottom five teams would be paired on Day 2 as well, based on their Day 1 scores. Please contact Lisa Brinkmeyer with questions at 515-401-1835 or [email protected].   Lisa Brinkmeyer IGHSAU Assistant Director Volleyball Administrator