IGHSAU/IHSAA Guidance on Governor’s February 5 Proclamation

On Friday, February 5, Governor Reynolds issued a Proclamation which in part addressed gatherings.  Although the Proclamation does not limit spectators to a certain number per participant nor “households,” SECTION TWENTY-TWO of the Proclamation states:

  •  “I strongly encourage that a gathering organizer or host take reasonable measures under the circumstances of each gathering to ensure the health of participants and members of the public, including social distancing practices, increased hygiene practices, and other public health measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 consistent with guidance issued by the Iowa Department of Public Health.” 

As previously planned, we will be limiting seating at our State Wrestling, Basketball and Bowling events.  Our State Boys Swim meet will have no fans.  We will require masks at our state events.

Considering the Governor’s Proclamation as well as our responsibility to keep our athletes, coaches, officials, IHSAA/IGHSAU staff, fans and other personnel safe, we encourage all schools to continue to limit fans in order to allow for social distancing.  Hosts should require fans to wear masks at all high school athletic events.